Trump Nominates Rabbi Shea Hecht as Education Secretary

PURIM 2017: In an apparent yield to the widespread criticism of his pick for Secretary of Education, President Donald Trump has announced that he will ask Betsy DeVos for her resignation and will nominate Rabbi Shea Hecht to replace her. DeVos, who has been criticized by both parties as having no prior experience in public education, won the nomination only after Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

“While Ms. DeVos did win the nomination fair and square, the voice of the American people has not gone unheard,” read a statement released by the White House. “As a result of the heavy criticism of Betsy DeVos’s nomination and confirmation to the position of Secretary of Education, the President has asked Ms. DeVos to resign. She will be replaced by Rabbi Shea Hecht, Director of the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education, a man with far more experience in the field of public education.”

Rabbi Hecht’s vast experience in the field of public education includes assisting public school students with obtaining a Jewish education. “His experience makes him a perfect fit for the position,” said Shazak Zirkind, a resident of Rabbi Hecht’s Crown Heights community. “While I’m not too familiar with NCFJE,” he added, “Rabbi Hecht’s new position as Secretary of Education will provide others within NCFJE with an opportunity to fill the vacant Director position.”

When asked during a press conference to comment on the nomination, the President responded simply that “it’s gonna be huge!”