JCM Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

A bomb threat, sent in by email, forced the evacuation of the Jewish Children Museum in Crown Heights. The threat stated that there were multiple bombs placed throughout the building and would be detonated remotely. The NYPD evacuated the building and an investigation is currently ongoing.

The threat was received by a Museum employee at around 10:00am and he immediately notified the police.

A “level 1 mobilization” was initiated, and the Bomb Squad along with the emergency service unit and canine unit are all currently at the scene. New York State Troopers have arrived at the scene as well.

Kingston Ave. and the southern service lane of Eastern Parkway in the vicinity of the museum have been shut down until the building is deemed safe to reenter by police.

CrownHeights.info obtained a copy of the emailed threat. The writer claims to be part of some unnamed group that has planted bombs in the museum with the aid of an insider. The writer then says that he is informing them of the bomb because he’s had a change of heart and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.


  • pretty stupid law enforcement...

    how will we make an end to Isis if we can’t catch these ppl after 3 weeks ?!

    etc etc etc.

  • Worried in Wisconsin

    Dogs can certainly bark AND bite.

    Ask the Jewish community in France what they think about the ‘dogs don’t bit’ theory. There were plenty of anti-Semitic scares and verbal attacks in Europe before the deadly attack.

    Anyone wanting to relax and take it easy with these attacks is ignoring the obligation we all have to avoid danger. I’m not saying that we should panic and run every time someone says a cruel word, but these types of bomb scares should definitely not be ignored.

    • i agree

      but you certanliy shouldnt jump by every little thing
      i know that every little thing adds up but if you do we will never be sble to catch anyone and we have to show them that we rnt frightnened becasue this is y they keep on doing this

  • ....................

    It’s so sad to see how abandoned and dilapidated the museum has become. They don’t keep it up, and whatever breaks stays broken. What a pity!

  • Ocheb Emes

    The reason why JCM got the treat i think is because it is close to 770 and there are no phones or e mail in 770

  • Moishe pipek

    #5 O.K. we are all going to move to Wisconsin and worry together with you.