Third ‘Wonders of Hashem’ Explores World of Birds

Following the hugely successful videos “Wonders of Hashem: Safari Adventure” and “Wonders of Hashem: Under the Sea,” comes the latest Wonders of Hashem Adventure: “Up in the Air.”

Kids (and their parents) will be fascinated by the amazing variety of birds that are at home in the sky as well as on the ground.

“Since we produced the last Wonders of Hashem a year ago, “says producer Chaim Hershkowitz. “we’ve been receiving emails and calls wondering when the next one will come out. I am happy to say it’s finally here!”

In this all new and exciting DVD, Ari, Abba, and Kalman travel by way plane and hot air balloon to bird island where they are greeted by a hilarious fast-talking parrot! Other birds that are featured include woodpeckers, peacocks, hummingbirds, and owls. In all the DVD describes 15 feathered friends. But that’s not all. Wonders of Hashem “In the Kosher and non Kosher birds, As well as lessons we can learn from the birds and the way that they behave.

“Wonders of Hashem “In the Air” is a 46-minute journey that kids can watch for hours. It’s unique mix of real footage, animation and special effects will entertain children as it enlightens them!

“Wonders of Hashem “In the Air” is the ninth DVD in the Torah Treasure Family. Available online @ and in a store near you.

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