London Yeshiva Flies to New York for Yud Shvat

For the first time in many years, the entire Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch of London flew to New York to spend Yud Shvat by the Rebbe, for an uplifting, heart-warming experience, filled with Farbrengens, Sedorim and Shiurim, after a powerful Hachana for over 30 days.

The Shluchim of YGL arranged for all the Bochurim in the Yeshiva to fly in to New York for Yud Shvat. This trip included an incredible program of learning- Seder Chassidus, Seder niglah, Shiurim, Farbrengens, going to the Rebbe’s Ohel and much more, skillfully arranged by the Shluchim.

The trip was a reward for the Bochurim’s great effort in making a solid Hachana for Yud Shvat, learning nearly 2,000 Osiyos of the Rebbe’s Maamorim, memorized them by heart as well as the Maamar Bassi L’Gani, coming exactly on time to Sedorim, getting over 80% on tests, and many more details the Bochurim worked very hard on for over a month.

Just as the plane descended into New York, the Bochurim were inspired to hear a warm welcome announcement from one of the flight attendants, acknowledging the Rebbe as the world’s Jewish leader, followed by a big round of applause from the crowd.

Before boarding the busses the Bochurim gathered for a group picture in front of 770, followed by a joyous dance ‘Tayere Brider’, onto the busses.

We would like to thank all those who helped make this a possibility, including the Hanhalah, especially Rabbi Gordon. The Sputz family for hosting a Farbrengen, as well as our sponsors,, Rabbi Moshe Drizin, Rabbi Hertz, and anonymous sponsors who helped cover the costs of this amazing trip.

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  • 6. Rabbi Gordon is the best!! wrote:

    Rabbi Gordon changed my life!
    May he go mechayil el chayil in his holy shlichus of molding the next generation of chassiishe yungerleit.
    As a former talmid what sticks with me until this day is Rabbi Gordon’s love, care and concern for every bochur.
    Its rare to see this in mashpiim so devoted as he is.
    His passion for being mashpia authentic chassidishe values to us when we were bochurim has set me and my chaveirim on a path that we will treasure forever.
    Those 3 years I spent in Rabbi Gordon’s presence, watching and observing him live as a true chossid and practice what he preaches is something I wish I can be to my children.
    The latke ovents and friday night meals at his house watching him interact with his family is something you rarely see today.
    Its so nice to see that his talmidim today are taking his hashpaa seriously to heart.
    The highlight of my years there was from hei teves until yud shevat the zal was full at 6:00 am with bochurim learning maamorim baal peh as a hachona.
    Although I never won the goral I wish I did, it was such a powerful tool in my hiskashrus to the Rebbe.
    May Rabbi gordon have gezunt and nachas and continue his holy shlichus in good health until Moshiach comes may it be now!!
    Thank you so much Rabbi Gordon!

    • 7. So heartwarming to read wrote:

      Let’s have more of these positive comments with a peek into the inner workings of Tomchei Tmimim across the globe.
      Suggestion to the editor: maybe upgrade the website with a section on good news from Anash and Tmimim-real good Chassidishe news.

  • 8. What happens... wrote:

    … To the boys whose parent’s cant afford a ticket? They become the ‘nebach cases’ that the shluchim “have” to raise money for?

  • 9. To 8 wrote:

    The shluchim payed for most of the flight for Everyone! That’s besides for 5 Bochurim which won full tickets!
    Maybe do some research before you critisize!

  • 10. So few bochurim? wrote:

    Looks like a small crowd of 20 guys. Is the yeshivah so small these days? We had a good 60 bochurim in my day like 20 years ago. Or maybe they did not all make it to the group photo?

    And yes, Rabbi Gordon is the best. No one like him anywhere!

    • 11. Get glasses wrote:

      theres 27 in the picture, and some bochurim didn’t make it in time for the picture.


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