ULY Marks Chof Daled Teves with Art Fair

A first-of-its-kind Art Fair and special rallies were held in United Lubavitcher Yeshiva to mark the Hilula of the Alter Rebbe, Chof Daled Teves.

As part of the Hachonos for this special day, Talmidim learned about the life and times of the Alter Rebbe and received special missions to help them prepare for this day.

Rallies for both divisions were held on this day, and the Talmidim were enthralled by a story of the Alter Rebbe, as told by master storyteller Rabbi Tzvi Barnett.

Adding to the atmosphere of the day, was the Art Fair, showcasing the talents of Talmidim from grades Pre1a – Kita Daled. Talmidim were encouraged to use any materials in creating their projects, and they sure did not disappoint!

Over 60 projects and paintings were brought in, each receiving special mention and a card with a description of the project and materials used.

The projects highlighted different aspects and events of the Alter Rebbe’s Nesius, and each class had an opportunity to visit the fair during the day.

Yasher Koach to all the Talmidim for a truly beautiful Art Fair.

A special Ach Gadol event took place between an 8th grade and 5th grade class as the 8th graders prepared a trivia game for their 5th grade partner.

In the evening, the 8th grade classes had Farbrengens. Rabbi Aronson, Mashpia in Chovevei Torah, inspired the Bochurim to harness the special Kochos from this day with Hachlotos Tovos.

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  • 1. Wow! wrote:

    Great idea to make it real for the kids.
    It’s not just interactive, creative and educational, it;s fun.

  • 2. Grateful wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Simpson and all the Rebbis for arranging such creative events.
    We are so proud that our son is a part of a thriving Yeshivah!

    Thank you!


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