Shneur Zalman Boaron bids farewell to the doctors and staff who cared for him as he is discharged on Friday.

Miracle: Boy Critically Injured by Car Returns Home

In what cannot be described as anything short of an open miracle, Shneur Zalman Boaron, a 13-year-old boy who was critically injured and in a coma for a week after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing Kingston Ave. on his way to school early last month, has been sent home from the hospital in good health just in time for Shabbos.

The accident had sent Shneur Zalman into a coma, which he woke up from one week later (see video below). His speedy recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, his parents and doctors say.

Shneur Zalman’s first stop after leaving the hospital on Friday was at the Ohel, where his father had prayed for his recovery almost daily during his 6-week stay at the hospital, and where Shneur Zalman personally thanked the Rebbe for his blessings.

“We thank Hashem for the revealed miracles and the abundant kindness he has shown us, allowing us to welcome home our dear son healthy and whole,” his parents said.

The parents also thanked all those around the world who had diligently prayed and said Tehilim on his behalf.



  • Baruch HaShem!

    Mazel tov!
    So happy!
    Moshiach now!
    Great news!
    Thank u Hashem!
    We were all so worried!
    Power of prayers really worked!
    Love ya!
    May countinue to get stronger and stronger!
    Also may u countinue to get healthy and healthy!
    Hashem answered our prayers that’s definitely for sure!

  • so happy!!

    i have no words to describe my happiness and thankfulness to hashem. may everyone have such a speedy recovery

  • so happy!!

    i have no words to describe my happiness and thankfulness to hashem!! may every one have such a speedy recovery

  • f.s.


    Baruch Hashem for His miracles yom yom and for this truly awesome miracle for dear Schneur Zalman. A personal simcha for us all!
    Best wishes for a full recovery and complete good health only and always –
    from your Morah Frida

  • chaya d

    bh!!! we were all so worried!! I am so happy!! this literlly made my day! we love u schneur!

  • Anonymous

    dear shneur you cannot even imagine how much i thought about you since the your first day in the hospital until today i am soooo happy and im still davening for your full recovery but this is definitely an improvement wishing you a speedy recovery as well as the rest of am yisroel – a fellow jew

  • Anonymous

    i am your secret admirer even when you were in the hospital you were still so strong and also made a special effort to put on teffilin every day with the help of your very dedicated parents and sibilings love c f