ULY Marks the Rambam’s Yahrtzeit

In honor of Chof Teves, the Rambam’s Yahrtzeit, the Talmidim of Lubavitcher Yeshiva learned about the Rambam’s Seforim, as well as his special work as a physician and how he always helped others with their health.

The preschool children got a peek at the inside of a Hatzalah ambulance and learned about the special work that the Hatzalah volunteers do every day, just like the Rambam. Hatzalah volunteers Rabbis Y. Simpson, Moshe Levy, Zalman Naparstek and parent Chanan Feldman showed the children around the Hatzalah ambulance.

The children learned how keeping a healthy body is a Mitzvah from Hashem, along with the Rambam’s quote (Hilchos De’os 4:1) “…Keeping the body healthy and whole is a part of serving Hashem.”

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