Alter Rebbe’s Deposition Translated to English

We present a special (online only) edition of Principles Magazine, bearing an English translation by Rabbi Levi Liberow of the Alter Rebbe’s deposition, which was discovered after languishing for centuries in the Russian government’s archives.



  • 1. THANK YOU wrote:

    What a wonderful thing to read at least a summary of the deposition. I never thought it would be possible

  • 3. Leo de Toot wrote:

    A google search for “Principles Magazine” only brings up Christian magazines/publications. What’s with this??

    • 4. Google is not G-d wrote:

      Google cannot read your mind.
      Help it out by adding a name connected with the object of your search, such as “Rabbi Levi Liberow”.
      Or try the actual website which is in small print:

  • 5. Amazing wrote:

    This really clarifies what Chassidus is all about! We tend to sidetracked with so many unimportant details. This goes right to the core of the essence of being a Chosid.


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