Hundreds Gather to Celebrate Monsey Cheder

Hundreds of parents and Anash gathered at Monsey’s Atrium Plaza Ballroom for Cheder Chabad of Monsey’s “Our Children’s Cheder Celebration.”

The event’s honorees were outstanding medical professionals of the greater Monsey community, who are parents and friends of Cheder Chabad and have through their generosity, community service and personal example impacted Jewish life in the community: Menashe Friedman, EMT, Yechezkel Litzman, EMT-P, Avraham Polinger, MD, Yehudah Schild, MD, Zev Zelenko, MD, Chaya Jordan, MD, and Rashi Kaplan, RN.

The evening began with a delicious buffet dinner and musical entertainment by the Pumpidisa Band.

Following dinner, a video of the Rebbe speaking about Chinuch was shown. Rabbi Dov Drizin then opened up the program with passionate remarks on the importance of our children’s Chinuch and how we are all partners in ensuring its success.

Based on a spontaneous matching grant offer made by Monsey philanthropist, Reb Avraham Hayman, in honor of his mother’s yahrzeit, לאה בת שרגא פייבעל, an on-the-spot fundraiser was held and raised more than $140,000 toward a capital campaign for a new state-of-the-art Cheder Chabad of Monsey Boys Division Campus!

Rabbi Boruch D. Lesches shared a Dvar Torah on behalf of his fellow Cheder Vaad HaChinuch members Rabbi Dr. Chaim D. Kagan and Rabbi Zalmen L. Markowitz.

Rabbi Moshe Wiener, principal of the Cheder Boys Division, spoke on behalf of the Cheder Girls Division principal, Mrs. Chaya Rosenbluh, the Cheder Pre-School Division director, Mrs. Yona Lazarus, the Boys Division Secular Studies principal, Rabbi Avi Frank, and the Girls Secular Studies Principal, Mrs. Chana Phillip, about the amazing personal attention students are receiving throughout all divisions of the Cheder.

This was followed by an adorable video of Cheder students speaking about how much Cheder Chabad of Monsey means to them.

The evening concluded with a sumptuous Viennese dessert reception.

Photos by Nechemiah Kaplan

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  • 1. Local resident wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Silber for all your help and dedication, you are truly a big asset to our school, we are so lucky to have you. Wishing you much success.


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