Beis Rivkah Marks Newly-Discovered Birthday

Following the discovery of a note – first published here on – written by Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Eizik Hodakov that describes the first day of class in a newly-formed school for girls named Beis Rivkah, the institution learned for the first time that its birthday in on Chof Cheshvan.

Yesterday, the students and faculty of Beis Rivkah High School gathered together to mark the special date, which is also the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday.

The students each received a copy of the handwritten note from Rabbi Hodakov, along with a cupcake with the number 75 on it, marking the institution’s 75th birthday.

The school’s director, Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, addressed the gathering, and described what Beis Rivkah was like in the early years.

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  • 1. awesome wrote:

    how come the article does not mention the great board they are doing such amazing work!!!

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      what is the board doing they are just trying to get their family and friends in for cheaper. I even hear that a teacher left for 2 months and got paid because she has friends on the board

  • 4. hoodwinked wrote:

    actually it is because we as a community were all hoodwinked and lied to by AS. The board was never legally installed and the teachers have not been paid since the two checks that they so publicly chest thumped about.

  • 5. To "hoodwinked": wrote:

    Beis rivkah is doing an absolutly amazing job this year!
    As a teacher, I can proudly say I was paid a few checks so far. Thank you Beis Rivka!


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