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Lubavitcher to Throw World Series Opening Pitch

A Lubavitcher Chosid from Cleveland, Ohio, Rabbi Daniel Eleff, will be throwing the opening ceremonial pitch at tonight’s final game 7 of the 2016 MLB World Series. You may not recognize the name at first, but Daniel is the Dan behind Dan’s Deals.

Eleff, a credit card points and travel deals expert, has amassed millions of miles and credit card points from sign-up bonuses over the years, and that is how he managed to be the highest bidder for a Starwoods Hotel competition that auctioned off the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial pitch at the 2016 World Series. The historic opportunity cost him over 1 million Starpoints. Each Starpoint has the value of at least 2 cents per point- which makes this a total value of over $20,000 that he could have used on free trips or hotels, reports Eddie Dvir at

Daniel’s passion for savings started as  a rabbinical student, when he would often scour the internet looking for toilet paper deals for his yeshiva. Based off the knowledge he amassed, he started a blog called CTown Bochur, which steadily grew in readership and popularity.

In 2007, Eleff started He now holds multiple seminars a year that help others learn how to get credit card points.  Eleff’s skills have netted him multiple first class trips and hotel stays.

This is not the first time he has won a baseball related bid.  Three years ago, Eleff traded 25,000 miles to steal second base at a Cleveland Indians game.

Daniel Eleff with his wife and two children
Daniel Eleff with his wife and two children

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  • 1. Go Cubs Go wrote:

    Baseball season’s underway
    Well you better get ready for a brand new day
    Hey, Chicago, what do you say
    The Cubs are gonna win today
    They’re singing

    Go, Cubs, go
    Go, Cubs, go
    Hey, Chicago, what do you say
    The Cubs are gonna win today

  • 2. what? wrote:

    did i hear corect is that something to be proud of a lubavitcher “chosid” going to show himself off to some stam goyim a the w**** s***** MAY HE RETURN TO THE PATH OF YIDISHKEIT

  • 3. Who cares? wrote:

    While I couldn’t care less about baseball, if it’s about politics, I will take the OH version over the IL version anytime. So regardless of who wins in baseball, let’s hope that the corrupt Democrats lose next week.

  • 4. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    this is against halacha to go to a baseball game. shulchan aruch says we are forbidden to go to stadiums where goyim assemble. throwing out this pitch is nothing to brag about. it is an aveirah.


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