Bochurim Build Sukkah Mobile in Memory of Classmate

A Sukkah Mobile and Mitzvah Tank which traveled around Toronto on Sukkos was dedicated by the friends of 13-year-old Mendel Cotlar of Houston, TX who passed away two years ago.

Friends of Menachem Mendel Cotlar, OBM, of Houston, TX, built and dedicated a Sukkah mobile in his memory.

Cotlar was a popular, fun-loving, active young boy who passed away two years ago.

The Sukkah Mobile in his memory traveled around Toronto visiting Chabad Houses, public schools, shopping plazas and retirement homes.

Wherever they traveled, the students encountered Jews of all ages who readily agreed to shake the Lulav and Esrog and say a blessing on refreshments in the Sukkah.

The students are planning a Chanukah project in Mendel’s memory as well. You can upport their efforts at

GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Mitzvah Tanks Would like to thank the following people whom without their help, Sukkah Mobile 77 Would not have been Possible: Zalman Dubrawsky (Dallas, TX) for driving the sukkah mobile; Director of GTA Mitzvah tanks Yisroel Cohen (Toronto, Canada) for arranging the funding and other necessary parts of the sukkah mobile; Pinchas Cujic (Toronto, Canada) for building the sukkah mobile; The Cotlar Family (Houston, TX) for their everlasting support; and Anash of the GTA for funding this Project.

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  • 1. M.H wrote:

    we would like to thank the anash of toronoto for there support Y.C give them a 3 line thank you

    • 2. Thornhiller wrote:

      Especially thank the support of the dynamic Rabbi Moshe Spalter for permitting the project and helping arrange it. A true dugma of a Head Shaliach!


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