Torah Stolen from Chabad Shul in Jerusalem

A Sefer Torah was stolen from a Chabad Shul in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood of Jerusalem.

This morning, the Shul’s leadership shared the following message and appeal for help on social media:

Dear friends!

Last week a Sefer Torah was stolen from our community, the Chabad Shul of Shaare Chessed, Jerusalem (Beis Menachem Shul, Ibn Shaprut Street).

The precious stolen Torah was written 16 years ago by the Fraenkel family from London now living in Shaare Chessed and was loaned for the use of the Chabad Community Shul.

The torah was written in honor of the Silver Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fraenkel as well as in honor of their parents Z”L. There is no need to describe the emotional connection that Family Fraenkel has to their Torah and the shock to our whole community.

We are asking your help to share this post and spread the word as much as you can in every platform that you can in order to reach out to as many people as possible who may by any chance come across this Sefer Torah in Israel and possibly elsewhere.

The Chabad Community of Shaare Chessed is offering a reward to anyone who will bring some information that may lead to bring back the stolen Torah.

The Torah is relatively small, the height of the Klaf is 19 Inches.

On the top of the Atzei Chaim is engraved “משפחת גרשון יואל פרנקל”

The family and kehilla ask that readers spread this message to all.










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