Lessons in Tanya Gets a Makeover

The popular ‘Lessons in Tanya’ series of books, based off the historic radio broadcasts by Rabbi Yosef Weinberg, OBM, has returned to print with a fresh new look.

Rabbi Yosef B. Friedman of Kehot describes the new edition:

“The five volumes have been completely re-typeset in a brilliant new layout and design. Nikud has been added to help the beginners, and the flow of the Tanya and the commentary has been recast in very user-friendly format, enabling a smoother navigation of the various texts. Numerous corrections and improvements have been added as well.”

“Above all,” says Rabbi Friedman, “the Rebbe’s glosses on the original Yiddish Lessons have been reviewed from the ksav yad kodseh and incorporated in the new edition.”

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  • 1. Esty wrote:

    This looks like a great addition to Tanya. However to use the phrase makeover as a title is very wrong. Tanya is a beautiful book. This title makes it seem as if their is something lacking in the original. Which of course there is not.


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