Lubavitcher Yeshiva Prepares for a Great Start

While their Talmidim get ready for the new Shnas Halimudim, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva is preparing their Yeshiva building for another great year.

Among the notable renovations is the roof, which will now also include a children’s playground on rubber padded floors and new basketball hoops. Other renovations include the small Simcha hall.

With polished floors and hallways freshly painted, the Yeshiva is sparkling and shining, as it eagerly awaits greeting the familiar smiling faces of the Talmidim.

Menahel Rabbi Y. Simpson notes, “The Rebbe teaches that one of the important elements which are vital to the Talmid’s experience in the Yeshiva, is ensuring that the physical environment should be one which provides Harchavas Hada’as and is conducive to learning.”

All the renovations are scheduled to be completed before the onset of the new year.

“…Regarding a Chinuch institution, it has to be a nice building etc., also in outer beauty. For this too complements the Torah learning there, as Raza”l teach that one of the three things which broaden one’s mind (Harchavas HaDa’as) is a nice dwelling place.

“…We can understand the great necessity of a nice building for Chinuch institutions, which will aid and add to the Torah study of the Talmidim.”

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  • 2. CH wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Simpson, Yossi Langsam and everyone involved in keeping our Mosdos at their best

    Hashem does not remain a Ba’al Chov

  • 3. The grateful parents wrote:

    A very big thank you goes to Rabbi yossi langsam who dedicates his life and soul to make sure all the students physical needs are met on a daily basis and may I just add what a pleasure it was to deal with Rabbi Langsam when it came to tuition he was extremely Fair and sensitive to our situation if only all of the other schools administrators will learn how you can be nice and be fair everyone can be happy .

  • 4. Parent wrote:

    That’s really nice.
    Thank you ULY.
    We are so proud that our children go to your Yeshiva.

  • 6. Shmuli wrote:

    Go Yossi go!
    We are privileged to have you part of our sons school. Thank you for all that you do behind the scenes.

  • 7. motte band wrote:

    Yossi Langsam you are the best!!! Working hard to make the yeshiva better for our kids! Always so caring caring and understanding!

  • 8. Yossi langsam wrote:

    He is the nicessssst person in the world

    your friends @
    Manhattan comfort, Cell lounge , Art lobby, Discount crafts , Craft zone NY

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    That is why I send my kids to ULY. It is a good school and not only do the staff care, the Hanhala cares.

    I will always be indebted to ULY for what they do.

  • 10. very thankful wrote:

    bh we have had a great few yrs and looking forward another great yr. thank u lubavitch yeshiva
    a greatful parent

  • 12. Thank you! wrote:

    A grateful Bobbe who wishes that her other einiklach overseas would get such a Chassidishe and caring chinuch.


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