Start-Up Torah Welcomed at 770

A Hachnosas Sefer Torah was held in 770 yesterday, Sunday, after Mincha, dedicated by the Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach in conjunction with Rabbi Yossi Schildkraut of San Paulo, Brazil, and all the Shluchim who came for Gimmel Tammuz.

The new Torah was donated by Mr. David Rubinsohn, who attended the joyous event accompanied by family and friends.

The Torah will be placed at Chabad of Monroeville in Pennsylvania, which is led by Shliach Rabbi Mendy Shapiro.

The Beis Yisroel Torah Gemach works in conjunction with Merkos Suite 302 to place primary and secondary Torahs for start-up Chabad Houses that have a Minyan but cannot secure their own Torah yet.

Photos by Benams:

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One Comment

  • 1. Abraham Stubenhaus wrote:

    Mazal Tov and a tremendous THANK YOU to Mr. David Rubinsohn for donating the Sefer Torah!!! What a great and thoughtful gift this is!!! Thank you so much for giving this beautiful gift, dear Mr. David Rubinsohn!!!
    At this same time I am very happy to honor and thank Rabbi Benzion Chanowitz, who has been arranging and managing the installations of SO VERY MANY SEFER TORAHS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!
    May Hashem grant him and his family, and every member of the Torah Gemachs connected with the Lubavitcher Community!!!
    Mazal Tov to the Sofer and the Rabbi in Pennsylvania and the leader of this Torah Gemach and to all of those who volunteer their time to help bring the light of Torah to so many Yidden all around the world!!!
    May Moshiach come swiftly mamash!!!
    Boruch Hashem!!!


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