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7th Graders Tested on Entire Masechta By Heart

11 boys from Rabbi Levi Borenstein‘s Oholei Torah 7th grade class went to get farhered on the whole Meseches Makos by heart by Rabbi Mordechai Gurary of Chevra Shas.

“The boys really worked hard day and night the last couple of weeks, and it paid off,” Rabbi Borebstein told “Rabbi Gurary said the boys knew the material in flying colors!”

The boys who were tested on the full Masechta by heart are:
1. Benzy Volovik
2. Meir Zwiebel
3. Boruch S. Kaplan
4. Chaimke Feldman
5. M. M. Weisfiche
6. Shmuel Vilenkin
7. Shimi Goldstein
8. Schneur Zalmen Heber
9. Yisroel Wernick
10. Chaim Eliyohu Sternberg
11. Berl Silverberg

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  • 1. chevre mishnayos wrote:

    About half the class also got tested by Rabbi Braun on the entire seder z’raim two years ago. Good job and keep up the good work.

  • 2. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    wow that is really amazing mazel tov and keep up the good work we want moshiach now


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