Bochur Harassed at Tel Aviv ‘Pride’ Parade

A Lubavitcher Bochur returning from an afternoon of Mivtzoim was verbally attacked, threatened and harassed by attendees of the annual LGBT pride parade in Tel Aviv last Friday.

The young man, who only revealed his first name as Itzik, told Israeli media that he had just finished visiting several business establishments in Tel Aviv to put on Tefilin with the Jewish men, as he does every Friday, and was waiting at the local bus stop on his way home, when the parade passed by where he was standing.

Several attendees who noticed him passing by began to jeer, harass and threaten the young man, who was dressed in a black hat and jacket, identifying him as a member of Israel’s Haredi community.

Yeshiva World News reports that Itzik stresses he said nothing to provoke them, and clearly they targeted him because he was dressed as a chareidi. However, despite the provocation he remained silent and ignored them.


  • 1. Resident wrote:

    The fact that he remained silent , give him the power to give a bracha to be fulfilled, One who is embarased in public and is silent has great power. Itzik, may you get what ever you need

  • 2. Equal Coverage wrote:

    It goes both ways. There have been instances when Chareidi people have attacked people participating in the pride parade not only verbally but physically also. Neither group should feel threatened by the other, and we should all leave each other space to express ourselves as we wish as long as we’re not hurting anyone else.

  • 4. Rabbi Elli wrote:

    Oh come on…. “the parade passed by where he was standing” ??????
    There was a clearly marked parade route with THOUSANDS of people standing on either side of the Parade. It didn’t find him – he found it. He WANTED to be there and I’m PRETTY SURE was not just standing there minding his own business. It was, I am told, a VERY peaceful Parade with NO incidents.
    There are DOZENS of photos of Frum people (probably all Chabadniks) putting on Tefillin with people from the Parade. Why wasn’t he?
    PLEASE don’t believe everything you read and FOR SURE please don’t repost everything you see on other sites here.
    Check your sources.

  • 7. Does this vindicate Satmar? wrote:

    My father, A”H, was not frum, but he would be outraged, if he would be alive today, to see this FILTH in our Holy Land. In fact, although, he was first not so happy about his kids becoming religious, when he saw American society getting too permissive, he was glad that we did.
    He was big on history and was usually on the mark. He used to say:”Too much tyranny brings liberty, but too much liberty brings tyranny.” Why do you think Europe is veering to the far right? Happening here in America too; Immoral lifestyles just gone too far with their agenda.
    Oh yes, the title. Someone once complained to the Rebbe about Satmar’s fierce stance against Zionism. The Rebbe said,”If they would not do it, We would have to.”

  • 9. Ezra wrote:

    I’m pretty sure MMS (I assume you mean the Rebbe?) knew, and held by, what the Torah tells us in Vayikra 18:22 and 20:13. I’m pretty sure Rabbi Akiva did too. So I suppose that makes them, and for that matter Moshe Rabbeinu and G-d Himself, “haters” too?

  • 10. SCIENCE GONE MAD! wrote:

    In 1970’s the British made a movie called, “Mutations,” where a mad scientist (“the freakmaker”) abducted college students and turned them into like half-human, half-insect, and other spooks.

    This is not unlike the gruesome Nazi “medical” experiments, see:

    Today, there are people who spend a fortune to voluntarily have something like that done to them. They have a nice term for it called,”transgendering.”

    • 11. Tvivia wrote:

      I dont think I can read any more of the filthy hatred posted here by my own people. Please go educate yourselves about people beyond your community.


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