Cheder at the Ohel Parades in Long Island

Cheder at the Ohel had its annual Lag Ba’omer Parade in Valley Stream State Park. The theme was Hakhel.

First there was a rally with the 12 pusukim inside the gym. Then the parade got started. A few of the oldest boys juggled, played the key board and danced while riding on the back of a pickup truck. Other grades had posters of the various mivtziom that the Rebbe had implemented over the years.

The people in the park really enjoyed it. Passersby waved and smiled at the children. A teacher from the elementary school across the street came over and joined, really enjoying the scene of the young people parading. Students also did mivztiom in the park, putting teffilin on a Jewish man.

This year, Cheder Chabad Girls of LI joined in the parade. They took up the back with decorated tambourines that were prepared specially for this event.

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