IDF Lone Soldiers Get Own Sefer Torah

Amid lively music and jubilant dancing in the streets of Yerushalayim, hundreds of Jews and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces celebrated a joyous Hachanas Sefer Torah.

The new Sefer Torah was donated by philanthropist Alex Rovt to the Chayal-el-Chayal home in the Nachlaot neighborhood in memory of his mother, Leah, OBM.

Rabbi Berri Spitezki of Chamah International—whose Adopt-a-Hero Program is run in conjunction with Chayal-el-Chayal, which is under the leadership of Mordy Botnick and Ari Abramowitz—introduced Mr. Rovt to the importance of bolstering the spirits of these “lone soldiers.”

These brave young men, 6,000 strong, voluntarily join the IDF and place their lives on the line daily to defend Israel against her enemies.

“Our Adopt-a-Hero Program is one of our new programs in Israel and in the U.S. focusing on our youth, who are the future of The Jewish nation,” said Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, President of Chamah.

Rovt and Rabbi Spitezki, along with 30 guests flew in for the festive celebration and were joined by dignitaries, such as Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman and a special representative from the President of Israel.

The Sefer Torah was joyously installed in the Shul of the Chayal-el-Chayal Center, directed by Mordy and Malkah Esther Botnick and Ari and Rochel Shira Abramowitz,.

More than 150 soldiers come through their open doors every Shabbos. There, among their friends and fellow soldiers, in a serene home-like ambiance free from any kind of pressure, these brave young men on various levels of Torah observance, thousands of miles from home, can choose to daven, relax, socialize and be inspired by the atmosphere of an authentic Shabbos experiance.

The soldiers know the home is open to them twenty-four hours a day, ready to help them with all their needs. Having their own Sefer Torah lends much positive energy and Jewish pride to the vibrant Center.

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  • 1. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    Mazel Tov Simchas and Nachas I’m Yisroel have have no fear Moshaich will be here this year we want moshiach now we don’t want to Wait I’m Yisroel Chai

  • 2. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    How did they have live music, when we are in the days of Sfirah, it’s totally asur ? If they want 2 sing with their voices that’s fine, but live music, How ? Some shitas hold not 2 even dance during Sfirah bec of the Avaylus, but I don’t know if Lubavitch holds that way. So if someone could plz explain how they had music, not a cd, which some hold is ok, but actual live music, I don’t get it. Thank u

  • 3. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    Yes, I agree with comment #2, how is it possible that they had live music playing, don’t they know that during Sfirah, we’re not allowed 2 listen 2 live music, this is a Lubavitcher shliach, he & the other shluchim should know better, there is no excuse 4 this, & yes most shitas hold even a CD is not allowed, OK it’s a Simcha, but maybe it’s better 2 make it after sfira, as a lot of shitas hold not 2 dance, except on shabbat. So yes does anyone have a explanation for this plz ?


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