Lubavitcher Police Officer Honored for Bravery

Lubavitcher NYPD officer Fishel Litzman, who made headlines when he fought the NYPD in court to be able to keep his beard in the force, was honored by the Police Department earlier this week for intervening and stopping criminal in the act of robbing a person with special needs.

Litzman, who serves in the 46th Precinct in the Bronx, was honorably mentioned along with his Lieutenant. Both of them witnessed a robbery in progress of a man with special needs.

The two officers bravely intervened and arrested the perpetrator, while recovering and returning the handicapped person’s stolen property.


  • 2. medic19 wrote:

    Beneath the sheild a heart of gold. These are tomorrow’s leaders. Go Fishel!

  • 3. Blue lives matter wrote:

    What a kiddush hashem, especially good timing with all the bad PR that’s going on with the ongoing investigation involving Jewish people and the NYPD.

  • 4. CHer wrote:

    This is what policing is about. Not about all the nonsense you hear in the news.
    Much Hatzlacha Fish!
    Can’t wait to see you in sergeant uniform!

    • 5. medic19 wrote:

      Who knows, eventually police commissioner. He has exceptional credentials: FDNY, Cornell FDNY (the nation’s elite), Flight Medic, Camp Medical Director, and that’s just the little we talmidim know.

      – a talmid who learnt from you what I never would have in all my career.

  • 6. yosef caytak wrote:

    You are a great guy fish!
    Congratulations on a great deed and a real kiddish Hashem.


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