Security Agencies Predict Pesach Terror Attacks

In the wake of terror attacks across Europe, security agencies are predicting that terrorists will target Jews during the upcoming Pesach holiday.

From Arutz Sheva:

Security agencies around the world are ramping up operations at airports and tourist sites ahead of the c holiday.

With the security establishment predicting a wave of terror attacks against Jewish targets during the holiday season, officials in Israel and Europe are taking precautions to prevent the kinds of massacres that took place in Brussels and Paris.

Security officials also voiced concern over Chabad Houses and other Jewish targets in Asia, warning that isolated Jewish communities or facilities were especially vulnerable.

In 2008 Islamic terrorists struck the Mumbai Chabad House, killing six.

Chabad Houses and other isolated Jewish centers have been advised on security protocols and in some cases have been provided direct assistance.

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  • 1. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    OH REALLY, The terrorists organizations had states this already for months. In New York with its huge Jewish population is a ripe target. In spite of DeBlasio, left wing liberalism and political correctness, the Jews should be trained and prepared for self-defense in case, HasVaSholem, if needed.

  • 3. henei lo yanum ve' lo yeshan shomer israel wrote:

    henei lo yanum ve’ lo yeshan shomer israel


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