Story: A Note from a Farbrengen

Peretz Schmukler, an artist and longtime member of the Lubavitch community of Montreal, was approached Thursday night by an elderly Chosid, who handed him an envelope with a doodle on it that he had drawn as a child in 1985.

Relates Peretz on his personal art blog:

This Thursday evening, an elderly man came up to me in shul, opens his wallet and hands me a tiny old envelope.

“Nu open it” he commands me. so i take out this tiny paper with a tiny drawing on it. “I’ve kept this in my wallet ever since you gave it to me, when you where a kid. I told you then I would keep it and show it to you when you get older, now I want you to have this”.

He handed me a sketch I drew of him late one night in 1985, while sitting in the Montreal Chabad Shul basement at 6405 Westbury Ave. as I was listening to the “Live Farbrengen Telephone Hook-up with The Rebbe”

That night this man sat at the table in front of me, he was listening carefully to every word the Rebbe spoke, concentrating with his eyes closed, I had a pencil I was supposed to use  to take notes of the Rebbe’s talk, but when i saw this man I felt I had to draw that moment, so I did.

This amazing man held on to this drawing for all these years!


He kept it in his wallet and kept his word.

Thank you Mr. Rosler!

May you have much nachas from all your children, grand children and great great grand children for many more happy and healthy  good years to come, until  we all merit to greet Moshiach speedily in our days Mamish now!!

Peretz Schmukler


  • good shabbos

    wow, very very nice!

    Thanks Peretz for sharing this.

    Mr Rosler is a yid a tzaddik.

    • Anonymous

      I recognized Mr. Rose right away. Beautiful sketch of a beautiful person.

  • Nice

    Peretz, i did not know u were an artist. Rabbi Rosler looks a little chubby in your sketch. At first glance I thought it was Rabbi Wolowik.

  • Anonymous

    The innocence of two good people young and old I am moved by the story. Mr Rosler you’re a holy man can’t wait to see you on פסח and give you a big hug.PS too bad I can get a לחיים for the precious mashke bottle that you got from the Rebbe I heard someone snatched it already

  • Beautiful story

    Your website
    Very impressive great paintings
    May you have lots of hatzlocha!

  • Zeidy we love you!

    What a story, thanks for sharing. That’s my Zeidy, a man of his word. May he live till 180, gezunterheit.

  • To anonymous

    What are you talking about? His bottle has faithfully been by his side since the day the Rebbe gave it to him and told him to give lchaim to yiddin. You can visit him and make a lchaim with him on mashke from the Rebbe’s bottle which to this day, he carries with him wherever he goes, may he live and be well, amen! (Unless it’s on pesach of course)

    May you have the zchus to sit with him and receive brachos through him with the Rebbe kochos!

  • En Emeseh Chossid

    That’s the tziur of an Emeseh Chossid, A man that lives a Chossid, breathes a Chossid and is a true Chossid.

  • Amazing

    Wow Peretz, I don’t know you but I know that’s Mr rosler in that drawing so kol hakavod!

  • Thank You All!

    כל המברך מתברך בברכתו של הקדוש ברוך הוא, שתוספתו מרובה על העיקר

  • Peretz

    Thank You All!
    כל המברך מתברך בברכתו של הקדוש ברוך הוא, שתוספתו
    מרובה על העיקר

  • I know Peretz from way back

    Peretz is a man of many talents and an amazing artist. We all fought to have Peretz on our color war teams because his banners and backdrops were tops. I’ve checked out your paintings on and I’m not surprised. Real expression with a warm gefill the way I remember it. You’ve got a unique style, I’m sure you’ll make it big. For those who are into art, this is a good investment.