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Yeshiva Delivers Challah to Members of Parliament

Last week, Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach hand-delivered several Challahs to three elected MPs of Canada’s new government on behalf of Yeshivas Chabad Lubavitch of Toronto and its Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

In the photo: (Left) The honorable Marco Mendicino, (Middle) the honorable Michael Levitt, (Right) The honorable Mrs. Kamal Khera, Parliamentary Secretary of the Minister of health.

The Yeshiva, which is now entering its 20th year, has made an indelible mark on the Toronto landscape. Not merely an educational facility, the Yeshiva is molding the leaders of tomorrow.

Every week, the students visits thousands of local Jews, from all walks of life, and provide encouragement, guidance, inspiration and support. From hospital residents to business owners to professionals to senior citizens, countless people await these visits, and have described them as the highlight of their week.

The alumni of the Yeshiva are already serving as leaders in communities throughout the world, from Australia to Israel to Western Canada.

Rabbi Wagner was very eager to have Rabbi Aisenbach meet with these representatives of Canada’s new government, to get to know them personally as well as formally introduce the Yeshiva to them. The rabbis and representatives set up some times that were convenient for them to meet, so that they can work on coordinating common developments in the future.


  • 1. Zalmon Yossef wrote:

    Mendel on behalf of the misivta and the yeshivs and the Greater Toronto community at large, we wish to thank you for all the work that you do. And you should continued from strength to strength.

  • 2. Montrealer wrote:

    Mendel is a native of Montreal. He got his chinuch and backbone there. Notice that the challah used from davka from Montreal Bakery – and not from Toronto!

    Vive le quebec libre!

    Nothing stops Mendel! Watch and soon he will be in Parliament – not the cigarette – those he will give that out when he is a choson. Speaking of which, he gave out Challah and Hashem should soon give him a Kallah. It is like lekach – you get it at the right time.

    Mendel in a tie! Making connections and tying the knot!

    A real mover, drei’er and salt shaker! Mendel for Prime Minister and if not, Prime Beef is also good and delicious.

    Kol hakovod!

  • 3. Thank you Mendel! wrote:

    Thank you so much for all you do for Yeshiva! You are poel rabos vniflaos! Thank you!

    • 4. חדרי חדרים wrote:

      רבות נפלאות עשה חייל וזה עלה על כולם

  • 5. Wow! wrote:

    That’s really amazing!! Delivering Challah to Members of Parliament. Wow that’s really nice may you continue in all good stuff you do!

  • 6. heps! wrote:

    Keep up the great work, Mendel!
    בקר בהיכלו/ chabad blind/ bronfman center

  • 7. Crown Heightser wrote:

    Is Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach one of the Menahelim or Roshei Yeshiva in Yeshivas Lubavitch of Toronto?

    • 8. dveykus wrote:

      Yeshivas Lubavitch of Toronto is the GREATEST yeshiva in the world. I spent two years learning there and fifteen years later I still feel guilty when I miss a day of Rambam.

  • 10. Kop Doktar wrote:

    This is exactly the problem we have in our community.
    We forgot that rabbonim deserve respect. We think we can be heimish with them and call them by their first names!

    A perfect example are the comments above. No less than four our of seven commentators called Rabbi Aisenbach by his first name “Mendel”.

    What happened to derech eretz and kovod for rabbonim?

    I am not suggesting that we flower up each rov with fancy titles like the Litvish do (you know, like Hagaon, Maron, shlitah etc.), but what happened to basic respect and derech eretz?

    It is a real problem in our community and we need to put a stop to it. The buck stops here!

  • 11. Crown Heightser wrote:

    That is exactly my point. When the bochurim see that us adults are able to call their menahel or assistant Rosh Yeshiva by his first name, they will lower their awe and yirah from him. There must be a yiras rabbo k’yiras shomayim. Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach should not be called by his first name.

  • 12. K wrote:

    “ככל שהדור נחות, כך צריך להרבות בתארים”,

    or as Chazal tell us:

    “גדול מרב – רבי, גדול מרבי – רבן, גדול מרבן – שמו”

    • 13. Lubavitche of Toronto wrote:

      Mendel, has received Rabbinical Ordination by several rabonim amongst tham:
      Former Chef Rabbi of Quebec Rabbi Pinchos Hirschprung OBM
      The Av Beis Din of the city of Montreal, who served as Montreals prominent Chabad Hasidic Rov, Rabbi Yitzchak Handel.
      The Rov of Nachlat Har Chabad, Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yaroslavsky.
      Rosh Yishvah of Rabbinical College of Canada, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Kaplan.

    • 14. K wrote:

      Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach is clearly a rov, a musmoch and a marbitz Torah. Those who call him by his first name are out of line and mechtofim. This demonstrates what chazal tell us that in ikvasa d’meshicha, chutzpah is prevalent.

      A limud zchus on them is that either Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach is such a great godol b’Torah that no title can capture his greatness, like Moshe, Yehuosha, the neviim, Mordichai, Shimon Hatzaddik, Shamaya and Avtalyon, Hillel and Shamay etc.

      Or, the commentators are on such an exalted level that they can appreciate the gadlus ha’adam and do away with titles that are merely external add-ons.

      In Lakewood a ben-Torah wears white shirts. The lucho were written black fire on white fire, and therefore a ben-Torah wears black and white. How does a ben-Torah, especially one who had talmidim that look up to him as a living sefer Torah, how does he wear a blue stripped shirt??

  • 15. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

    K, You shtik misnaged, go back to BMG with your elitist attitudes judging people by the color of their shirts. Amod amod amod to possel other Yidden who are less kodosh kodosh kodosh then yourself! Who cares what is on the outside? Yhe inside is what counts!

  • 16. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

    Learn chassidus. Chassisus mont pnimiyus. Who cares about chitzoniyus? A pnimi is admired. A chitzon is treif.Poilishe are into levushim. Chabad never cared about them. Clothes don’t make the man and the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

    • 17. K wrote:

      “Chassisus mont pnimiyus. Who cares about chitzoniyus?”

      That is exactly what Reform Jews say: “I am a Jew at heart”, therefore they do not keep the “external” mitzvos, as long as in “pnimiyus” they “feel” connected.

      Can a person remove his orlas halev while remaining an oral (uncircumcised)? A bris is totally “chizoniyus”, and yet you say “who cares about chitzoniyus?”

      You knock “levushim” by saying “Poilishe are into levushim. Chabad never cared about them” – yet the Rambam writes that a chochem is recognized by his clothes.

      Does the Torah not create a need for certain “levushim” – tzitzis, shatnez, bigdei k’huna etc.

      Look what happens when “levushim” don’t matter – women dress untzniusdik in your community because they are tznius in “pnimiyus”!

    • 18. K wrote:

      Further, “Chassisus mont pnimiyus” so the clothes (in YOUR opinion) don’t matter, yet others from your community demand that this Rosh Yeshiva be called by a proper title, which is ALSO no more than a levush and not the pnimiyus of the person?!

      True there are exceptions, as some gdolim are a chftzah of Torah and that is who they are but there are only a few on that madreiga, which includes myself, therefore I use no name just K.

    • 20. פנימיות מול חיצוניות wrote:

      “חב”ד תובעת פנימיות”, היה אומר רבנו הזקן, מייסד חסידות חב”ד, “וכדי להגיע לפנימיות יש צורך במסירות-נפש”. הרבי הקודם מליובאוויטש אמר: “‘פנימי’ פירושו – שהדברים הם שלו, והם נשארים גם אצל ילדיו ונכדיו; ה’חיצון’ – הדברים אינם קיימים אף לא אצלו-עצמו. ה’חיצון’ הוא אדם מרומה, ללא יסוד; ה’פנימי’ הוא מבוסס, אדם יסודי”.

      ההגדרה המדוייקת יותר של ‘פנימי’ היא – אדם שאצלו כל דבר נתפס היטב, יושב על בסיס איתן ואמיתי, ותואם בשלמות את כלי-נפשו. ה’חיצון’, לעומתו, מסתפק בחיצוניות הדברים, ברובד השטחי שלהם, ואינו ממתין עד שייקלטו היטב בנפשו.

      מבחינה מסויימת, ה’חיצון’ עושה רושם גדול יותר מה’פנימי’. הוא מלא התלהבות. תפילתו רוויה התפרצויות רגשיות ותנועות חיצוניות. בלימודו יש ברק וחריפות. ה’פנימי’ אפור הרבה יותר. כלפי חוץ, בקושי רואים עליו משהו. גם כשהדברים מתפרצים החוצה, הם מאופקים ומבוקרים ביותר. הוא עשוי להתפלל בלי שום תנועה חיצונית ולקיים מצווה בלי שום גילויים חיצוניים של התלהבות. כי האש שלו היא פנימית, טהורה מכל סממן חיצוני ובלתי-מבוסס. זהו ה’פנימי’! –

  • 21. מר בר רב wrote:

    היו תקופות בישראל שלא היה שום צורך לגדולי ישראל לפארם בתארים, כי כבוד התורה וכבוד לומדיה היה הכל אחד. … ואולם כאשר כובד התורה התחיל לרדת קצת, היה צורך לפאר את השם ולהוסיף עליהם, אולי זה יועיל להפיץ את כבוד התורה. … אם התלמיד חכם ילך כאיש פשוט, לא יהיו דבריו נשמעים, על כן הצריכוהו ללבוש בכתר מלכות, אולי זה יועיל… וכך הולכים הדורות ויורדים, וכאשר נרצה לדעת את ערך כבוד התורה, צריכים להסתכל על ´הצעצועים´ שמפארים את הגדולים, את התארים שנותנים לו – לפי זה אפשר להיווכח באיזה דור אנו חיים

    • 23. LOL wrote:

      I GET IT! When discussing the purpose of titles such as Rabbi, you use for yourself the name Mar (=Mister) and for your father the name Rav (=Rabbi). Cool!

  • 24. Shliach wrote:

    Here is my lomdos: Since Rabbi Wagner sent him, and shlucho shel adom k’moso, that makes him like a Rosh Yeshiva.

    • 25. Bochur wrote:

      Not everyone qualifies to be a shaliach for every peulah.

      Sometimes a shaliach needs to be a bar-chiyuvah.

      Sometimes it is enough to be a bar-daas.

      Sometimes even a cheresh/shoteh/v’koton can be a shliach (as in Mishloach Monos).

      When someone uses a koton as a shliach for Mishloach Monos, and applying “shlucho shel adon k’mosso”, does that make the mishalayach young again?!

    • 26. Litvish Bochur wrote:

      Hey Bochur,

      You asked: “When someone uses a koton as a shliach for Mishloach Monos, does that make the mishalayach young again?!”

      You got the whole thing backwards!

      The shaliach is bmokom hamechalayach, therefore the shaliach “becomes” in place of the sender, not the sender becomes like the shaliach!!

      And besides, your entire yesod is wrong too!

      The shaliach does not “become” the meshalayach, he only “replaces” the sender and has his power to accomplish the shlichus in his stead.

  • 27. To #12 wrote:

    Yes go Lakewood ben-Tora go!
    Keep the comments coming rabbi Oster and rabbi Gorman love it.

  • 29. Toronto Native wrote:

    I read the comments and laugh. You guys don’t know what you are talking about. Not one comment makes sense.

    • 30. Thornhiller wrote:

      The comments are like a chassidishe farbrengen. Say a few l’chaim and everything will make perfect sense.

    • 32. Toronto Native wrote:

      Translate please! And explain what you mean that “being drunk is good for the heart”???

    • 33. Thornhiller wrote:

      Nothing to do with drinking!

      Rough translation:
      It is good that one’s emotions are constantly pulled in two directions.

      Freely translated:
      And Good;
      From Two;

  • 34. Parent of Student wrote:

    My son is a student in the Yeshiva, which happens o be the BEST yeshiva in the world of Lubavitch today. He was in the Mesifta which was excellent and now is in the Zal which continues in excellence.

    My son told me that Rabbi Aisenbach does NOT serve on the hanholah ruchniyus of the Mesifta or Zal. He is NOT a Rebbe, NOT a Menahel, NOT a assistant Rosh Yeshiva, NOT a Mashgiach, NOT a Shoel U’mayshiv.

    In fact, my son says that Rabbi Aisenbach does NOT hold ANY official position in the Yeshiva.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit.

    Now everyone go back to reading about other people and other events.

    • 35. Olom = Helem wrote:

      Dear Parent,

      Sometimes we don’t want clarity. In this case, we prefer the helem. It leads everything from deep philosphical points, input from snags and total hilarity. That is what the helem gives us.

      On the other hand, your clarification = giluy brings an end to the speculation and shuts down the discussion.

      Kayn bakodesh – halevay bakodesh, chazasicha.

      Moshiach now and real giluy NOW!

  • 37. To Parent of Student wrote:

    A transcribed letter representing yeshivas Lubavitch.

    Mendel Aisenbach has my authority to raise funds on behalf of the yeshiva, and has been involved in this for some time.

    בכבוד ובברכת כט”ס,
    עקיבא גרשון וגנר
    ראש הישיבה

  • 38. Summary of Facts wrote:

    Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach is a “rabbi” with smecha from multiple authorities.

    He has authority and has been involved to raise funds for the Yeshiva.

    He is not part of the hanholah ruchniyus of the yeshiva, neither zal or mesifta.

    He is always helping the yeshiva in any way he can by securing various donations and specifically food donations and other various means.

    He often is seen learning in the yeshiva and commonly seen with a Torah Or or other sefer chassidus.

    He always wears a white shirt!

    (Comment: His shirts are a bit worn so probably he borrowed or purchased the blue stripped shirt special for this occasion).

    Fact: Chassidus mont pnimiyus is a fact.

    Someone else wiser can answer the questions of K in a manner that the Litvish can understand. However, the svoros of K does not change the fact (in “yeshivish shprach” – a hundred svorahs cannot change one little mitziyus).

    • 39. K wrote:

      I see. That means Rabbi Mendel Aisenbach is to Yeshivas Chabad Lubavitch of Toronto, he is the same as Rabbi Ahron Kotler is to Beth Medrash Govoha Gavoah of Lakewood, just on a much smaller scale. Now I understand.

  • 40. פנימיות מול חיצוניות wrote:

    בספרי החסידות מופיעים מצד אחד ביטויים כמו: “מצווה בלא כוונה כגוף בלא נשמה”, או “תורה ומצוות בלי יראה ואהבה אינן פורחות למעלה ואינן יכולות לעלות ולהתייצב לפני ה'” (על-פי פרק ל”ט ב’תניא’); ומצד שני נאמר באותם ספרים, כי גם תורה ומצוות שלא-לשמה הן דבר גדול ביותר ושאל יימנע האדם מלקיימן ולו שלא-לשמה. כיצד מסתדרים הדברים אלה עם אלה?

    הדימויים שהובאו לעיל (“מצווה בלא כוונה כגוף בלא נשמה”, מצווה בלי כוונה אינה פורחת למעלה) יסייעו לנו בהבהרת הדברים. לא נאמר שמצווה בלא כוונה היא לא-כלום או שהיא חסרת-ערך, אלא שהיא כגוף בלא נשמה או כעוף נטול כנפיים. גוף, אף שאין בו נשמה, הוא מציאות, הוא דבר ממשי, אלא שחסרה בו רוח-חיים. עוף יכול לחיות ולהתקיים גם בלי כנפיים, אלא שבלעדיהן אין הוא יכול לפרוח למעלה.

    נמצאנו למדים, שהכוונה והמעשה הם שני מרכיבים של המצווה. המעשה הוא הגוף שלה, והכוונה היא הנשמה. המעשה הוא גוף-העוף, והכוונה היא הכנפיים שמעלות אותו למעלה. מצווה שלימה ואמיתית היא זו שיש בה את שני המרכיבים של עצם העשייה ושל הכוונה, שאז יש בה גם גוף וגם נשמה.

  • 41. Satmar wrote:

    Everyone is complaining about silly things. I must protest the wearing of a blue and white shirt, the color of the tziyoim. If he would have worn any other colors, I would not mind, moychel, but why did he davka choose the colors of the midina? This is needs a tikun.

    • 42. Another Mendel wrote:

      Mr. Satmar, I think your shtreimel you wear is too tight and it cut off the brain waves.

    • 43. Crown Heightser wrote:

      Willie, need a tikun – Which one?
      (a) Tikum korim?
      (b) Tikun Olom?
      (c) Tikun Chaztos?
      (d) Tikun Leil Shvuos?
      (e) all of the above?
      (f) non of the above?
      Go burn a flag!

    • 44. Kop Doktar wrote:

      Your obsession with Zionism makes you see blue and white everywhere. Normal people would never make the association. If someone wears a white shirt, is he half a Zionist? Can he stand near someone wearing a blue shirt? Is it like shatnez?

    • 46. K wrote:

      Blue and white were the colors of tzitiz. Tchelles and lovon. Yesh lomar that is why these colors were chosen for the flag of Israel.

    • 47. To Dr Kop wrote:

      “If someone wears a white shirt, is he half a Zionist?”

      Chatzi shiyur is ossor!

      Application: Blue and white is ossur. Just white is a chatzi shiyur. Therefore, white shirts are ossur.

  • 48. Anash of Brooklyn wrote:

    Looks like purim has already arrived in Toronto. Seems that they are all way past ad dlo yoda.

  • 49. Montrealer wrote:

    Mendel, we love you! You are the man! Wen you do something, everyone is talking about it. You are totally glatt kosher cholov yisroel both by COR and MK. Don’t be nispoel from the snags or Hungarians. They have issues with everyone including themselves. You have hundreds of supporters and admirers.

  • 50. Respect to the Rabbi wrote:

    הרב הגאון
    הגאון הגדול
    הגאון האדיר
    שר התורה,
    מרא דכולא תלמודא,
    מרא דרזין,
    חכימא דיהודאי,
    מרא דארעא דישראל
    ראש ישיבת גאון יעקב
    רבן – לא סתם אלא – של כל בני הגולה

  • 51. Maskil wrote:

    Why are there snags and yoilies on a Lubavitch website? Why are they putting in their $0.02? Let them read their own stories and comment there. If they want to join us, let them come to a Tanya shiyur.

    • 52. Donate their $0.02 wrote:

      If each snag and Yollie donated $0.02, the Yeshiva would have more challah to give away.

  • 53. Yeshiva Lubavitch - Toronto wrote:

    The best yeshiva!!!! Best mesivta and best zal!!! Number one yeshiva!!! Toronto gives you: Learning, growth, chassidishkeit, achdus, individual care for each, safe neighborhood, great hanholah. The right size – not too small or too big! Toronto has it all!!!!

    • 55. To K wrote:

      BMG along with the Hanholo Gashmeus as well allong with the sevral audiances other Hanholoh members from BMG had with Mendel Aisenbach amongst them the Rosh Yishvah homself Horav Malkial Kotler year after year while he visited Toronto, and they all expressed interest from Mendel to get involved with fundraising for BMG please have R’ Ahron contact R’ Mendel at 844-jewishvision (844-539-4748).

  • 56. Idea wrote:

    Each person who comments should send $180 US to the Yeshiva! That would be over $9000 US (which is almost $1,000,000 Canadian).

    • 57. $180 wrote:

      Is there an on-line payment method?

      And how would the $180 be divided – between the mesivta, zal and Mendel?

  • 58. And Toronto gives you... wrote:

    Challah! In fact, it has enough challah it can give some away!


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