Mizrachi Responds: I’ve Always Respected the Rebbe

After we published a video clip yesterday in which Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi can be heard disparaging the Chabad movement, he reached out to us with a response, saying that the video in question was taken out of context by his detractors, and that he has always been an admirer of the Rebbe and Chabad.

The following was posted to Rabbi Mizrachi’s Facebook page by his assistant, along with a video of a different lecture (see below):

The Truth: Rabbi Mizrachi has always respected the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l and has always considered him a Tzadik.

There is an ongoing campaign of lashon Hara against HaRav Mizrachi and now the wicked people are editing clips to make it look like Rav Mizrachi is against the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l which is far from the truth.

This is just another infestation of Lashon HaRa at its best. In order to tarnish his public image, and thereby negatively impact his Kiruv work with klal Israel, the video was cut in a way where Rabbi Mizrachi’s words could be twisted, turned and misinterpreted in a way that made him seem equivalent to the enemies of Am Israel.

Anyone that watched any of Rabbi Mizrachi’s full lecture or even just familiar with his work and endless mesirut nefesh for Am Israel knows clearly how far these erroneous claims are from the truth.

Rabbi Mizrachi has always respected and praised the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Rav even got a Silver Coin from the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l as Brachos and there is not a single day when we have not posted the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l on this Facebook page.

The Truth: Rabbi Mizrachi has always respected the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt'l and has always considered him a Tzadik.There…

Posted by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


    • chicago

      because you are not so brilliant and even if you watch the whole thing you will only listen to half and understand half of that

    • Citizen Berel

      Yes Mr chicago, Rabbi Kol Shofar is the light bringer, too deep for regular minds, he eats Talmud for breakfast and makes kiddush on kaballa and sings shir hashirim when curating his visage in the morning in front of the mirror with Gillette. What he says is very important, do you hear me brother?

  • Citizen Berel

    Is it me or does he shave. Shaves as in preens in front of mirror in the bathroom and grooms his beautiful self to speak truth to power.

    Honorable mizrachi, professional deah zugger to the stars, up and coming war historian and all around holy man, fortunate are those who bask in his truth and have seen the light.

  • Citizen Berel

    “Anyone that watched any of Rabbi Mizrachi’s full lecture or even just familiar with his work and endless mesirut nefesh for Am Israel knows clearly how far these erroneous claims are from the truth.”

    Endless mesirus nefesh. Endless as in so much as to have no end. Admirable. He’s not even a misnaged.

    He’s a celebrity! He an Boteach should open a Shul. They can call it Ahavas Yisroel. And have purim parties with beer.

    He should have to pay for this publicity.

  • Anonymous

    His response is worthless and he’s the one trying to take it out of context

    In the video he curses out the shluchim nothing to do about what he thinks about the rebbe
    so he can come say he admires the rebbe that could be true but in his video he was cursing out the shluchim and saying that because of them people remain secular.
    So although he can come say he likes the rebbe it doesn’t take away the fact that he said he doesn’t like the work of the shluchim

  • K

    He has been “saying that the video in question was taken out of context by his detractors” ALSO to other pronouncements that he made, such as “only 1-million Jews were killed in the Holocaust”. This seems to be his “one size fits all” denial of putting his foot in his mouth. Seems he keeps putting both feet in his mouth which operates faster than his brain and explains why he can’t think on his feet.

  • Whats his focus?

    why does this man choose to believe that chabad’s chassidim think that a human is a G-d, chas vishalom, as if its a real issue.

    did he ever meet such a “Chabad Chassid”?

    i am chabad for the last 44 years! and i never met a fellow chabad Chassid (or anyone else) who believes such a stupidity!

    it’s interesting that people who claim to be careful about Shmiras Halashon, have no problem spreading libels on the Rebbe and chabad chassidim.

    shame on him!

    it’s like the guy who says;
    “i don’t hate chabad! some of my best friends are Chabad” yeah right!

  • unfortunaly many people

    think this way,what he doesn’t realize that doing even one mitzvah starts to break the klippas off of the yid,the rebbe knows exactly what he doing

  • mizrahi

    hes on damage control, he clearly disparaged the rebbe’s shluchim and the torah says shliach shel adom kemoisoi so he disparaged the rebbe and should be shunned

  • chicago

    This is the second response. the first one was only 10 seconds so he had to make a new longer one to get more screen time.
    the first one said

    “I meant what I said and if you are offended you are part of the problem.”

    • Citizen Berel

      This is news in generation Obama. The light bringer is nobody and history is riddled with nobodys saying nothing about everything they just didn’t have youtube, everyone should make a living and you could do worse than light bringer.

  • He's very entertaining, but he needs to learn Chassidus

    I’ve heard more than once from him negative things about Chabad, mivtzoim, etc.

    I’ve heard him a few times on the radio, and find his views and delivery to be funny.

    Bottom line, it’s a rachmonus on him that he doesn’t learn Chassidus. His Tikkun is not to deny things or answer, but simply to start learning Chassidus regularly.

  • Milhouse

    He’s obviously correct that many people who were killed as Jews were not really Jews at all. But first of all the idea that these goyim constituted 83% of those killed as Jews is absurd. And second, the figure of 6 million was calculated by subtracting the 12 million Jews remaining after the war from the 18 million known to have existed before the war. So the goyim killed as Jews were in addition to that number.

  • Milhouse

    He’s also not wrong about those people, whether Lubavs or not, who tell people that so long as they give tzedokoh it’s OK for them not to keep the other mitzvos. Most shluchim don’t do that, and his words were not directed at them.

  • to #21

    How dare you say that against a fellow jew!
    every jew is a part of Hashem and can’t be an antisemite. you should be ashamed of yourself. i am very apppalled that this should be coming out of a lubavicheritcher hassid. even though i am a misnagid i still always respected lubatitchers but now i am very sad that you say this against against by favorite rav, the gedolei hador, Harov, halomeid torah v’layla, vhagadol, harav MIZRACHI.

    • Milhouse

      There are unfortunately many Jewish antisemites, and always have been. Yiddishe neshomos can get into all sorts of dirt, including antisemitism.