OK Employees, Children Treated to Chanukah Parties

OK Kosher Certification recently treated its employees and children to annual Chanukah parties in its in-house party lounge.

On Tuesday, the male employees enjoyed a sumptuous catered lunch by OK certified Izzy’s Smokehouse, featuring appetizers, soup and a mouth-watering main course. There were also Divrei Torah and a lecture by in-house rabbi, Kalman Weinfeld, about the connection between Chanukah and chinuch.

The following day, female employees enjoyed a jewelry-making workshop presented by iBead. Each woman got to make their own necklace with real gems, Swarovksi crystals and metal working tools. The workshop was followed by a D’var Torah and inspirational story, as well as a gourmet dairy brunch buffet catered by OK certified Bunch O’ Bagels.

On Zos Chanukah, the last day of Chanukah vacation, the children of OK employees, over 70 children KA”H, were treated to a fun day of crafts. Along with traditional Chanukah scratch art and other projects, the main event was a special leather crafting project by Prestige Embroidery.

The children chose from bencher holders, picture frames and dreidels and used real leather to collage and make beautiful, useful works of art. The children were also treated to a captivating story from the OK’s own Rabbi Yisroel Selwyn, and took turns leading the 12 Pesukim.

The children also enjoyed a special breakfast of pancakes, French toast and hot cocoa, as well as a delicious hot lunch catered by Bunch O’ Bagels. Of course, the annual party would not be complete without face painting by FaceArt by Pnina, whose talented artwork is anticipated by the children all year long!

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