Melbourne Chanukah Celebration Canceled Due to Terrorism Fears

Every year, one of the largest outdoor celebrations of Chanukah in Australia takes place at the public park in Caulfield. The Chabad House in Caulfield hosts Chanukah in the Park, an event which attracts up to 15,000 people each year. But this year the event will not take place.

From The Jewish Press:

Chanukah in the Park, originally scheduled for Dec. 13, was canceled in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. Participants received a notice from the organizers that the event would be canceled “due to security risks and concerns especially in light of the current international situation and advice against large outdoor events.”

Instead of the huge outdoor celebration, the event will move indoors for a smaller “and more secure” Chanukah Fun Day at the Chabad House.

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  • 5. To #3 wrote:

    For all practical purposes it’s called canceled. putting the Chanukah event inter Chabad house pales in comparison to Full outdoor event whereb15,000 Jews gather in a place where about up to maximum 200 people could fit in. The terrorist have won

  • 6. SO SO WRONG wrote:

    During the Crown Heights riots back in 1991 the neighborhood was covered with police trying to keep the rioters under control. The Rebbe made a point of saying a sicha EVERY SINGLE NIGHT during the heavy rioting, to show that we will NOT/can not be defeated in our own neighborhood. And miracle of miracles (even though the police looked at us like we were crazy for attempting to go out of our homes) NOONE WAS HURT! No one had the slightest thought of not going to hear the Rebbe’s sicha because of some “barbarians”. It is VERY DISSAPOINTING to see Melbournites cower to these barbaric infidels. And moving it to an indoor place is still giving in to this human scum, which only encourages them to take further steps chas vesholom.

  • 7. IS IT CHANUKAH? wrote:

    I thought we celebrate chanukah because of some great miracle with the many that were defeated by “the few” so why is Melbourne giving in to these terrorists??? where is their Emunah and Bitochon. I’m sure with the Rebbe’s Brocha EVERYONE would be safe. This is following in the footsteps of what happened in europe. YOU MUSTN’T STOP what you’ve always done so proudly until now, and Hashem will SURELY protect you! and the victory will be yours and not theirs!!!!

  • 8. Chosid wrote:

    Sad story. I am sure that the Rebbe would want this to continue and greater then last year.

  • 9. Bichlall not true wrote:

    They moved it to the Melbourne Racecourse. A bigger, but enclosed area.

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      It’s at Caulfield racecourse, NOT at Melbourne racecourse! Don’t shlep to Flemington, there’s nothing there.

  • 12. It's not cancelled wrote:

    It been moved to be much bigger and better place. Terorism has not won


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