Anti-Semitic Stickers Put Up Around Florida Campus

Two antisemitic stickers and a note calling for the boycott of all Israeli products were found at the University of Central Florida’s main campus on Sunday, the university’s Chabad rabbi revealed in a statement. 

One sticker displayed a swastika; another implied all bankers are Jewish. Near the Nazi imagery was a note that said buying Israeli products helps support the “murder and oppression” of Palestinians. Chabad Rabbi Chaim Lipskier said such “extreme rhetoric can help create a hateful and charged atmosphere that leads to hateful actions.”

Rabbi Lipskier said the UCF administration assured him they are working hard to find the perpetrators behind the antisemitic postings on campus.

He also said he considers the placement of such symbols on campus as part of an attempt to make Jewish students feel threatened or unsafe, but made it clear that both those behind the crime and those who encourage it will “not weaken” Jewish students at the university.

“In fact,” he said, “their hate-filled actions will only work to strengthen the resolve of the Jewish community that exists here at UCF, and to encourage us at Chabad to bolster our efforts to increase the education and pride amongst our students about our wonderful heritage.”

Rabbi Lipskier said Sunday’s incident followed a similar occurrence that took place in April at a student housing complex across from campus, where swastikas were carved into the walls of a Jewish student’s apartment.



    This is clearly a manifestation of the Anti Israel activities on campus.
    mostly done by Arabs and Muslim students( yes some lefties ).
    this problem is only going to get worse, because under Obama, 280,000 Muslims immigrate here every year.
    WAKE UP!!

  • 3. Pedant wrote:

    CH LEAKS beyond the pale. Terrible way to speak. But you are jumping canyons to assert that they are like them. You need far more than an off hand whatsapp. Such is the nature of a beheading that you’ve never really done it until you’ve done. Nor have they ever done anything even remotely suggestive that they were capable or desirous of doing that. There was a simpleton in Europe who threatened to tear his bar plugta in pieces like a fish. The ball shem tov showed his talmidim that there was a reality to words in an higher plane of reality, but it wasn’t suggested that the simpleton meant to do it physically.

    I would never say you are scum, no not me, never.

  • 4. Jayson wrote:

    The campus I attended in NY had quite a few pro-palestinian rallies. They all had at least 1 or 2 speakers who were blatantly jew-hating and disgustingly racist in speech.

    This needs to end. They feds a student 2 years in federal prison over the act of hanging a noose around a statue on campus… but these acts of racist intimidation towards jews are being tolerated… this is an outrage!


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