Thieves Break into Crown Heights Offices, Steal Over $20k

A pair of masked burglars broke into a shared office space in Crown Heights and stole over $20,000 worth of electronics.

Surveillance video reveals that at around 2:00am last week Monday, a pair of burglars broke into a shared office space on Albany Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and made off with electronics valued at over $20,000.

Business owners arriving to work Monday morning discovered the burglary; a check of the surveillance cameras showed a pair of burglars, both Black males who appear to be in their teens or early 20s, entering and leaving the premises a number of times over the span of 30 minutes.

The offices are home to a number of small businesses, including some electronics distributors.

A review of the surveillance footage shows the burglars entering each of the offices before making off with a box and a number of bags full of goods, which one owner claimed is worth well over $20,000.

Police were called, a report was filed and detectives opened an investigation. A police forensics unit attempted to gather fingerprints, but it appears that the suspects used gloves.


  • 1. one looks like a lady wrote:

    One of the burglars look like a lady. How can u tell they are black though?

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    Let’s blame the usual suspect. (till the real ones are found or is the real one) the Goy’Teh

    I’m with comment 1 that thinks one of them is a lady just look at the bottom left picture by the van the one who is taking cover

    Who else would know whats in the offices?

    What’s the chance that they just got lucky?

  • 6. Anonymous wrote:

    the whole idea of video cameras is that u should be hooked to it and u can see whats going on at night in your office.not the next day when its to late1


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