Beled Rebbe Records ‘Niggun Hashluchim’ on New Album

After his father’s recent passing, Rabbi Shlomo Taussig accepted upon himself the leadership of the Beled Chassidus, which his father had led for many decades. Despite his new position – at the behest of his father and mentors – Rabbi Taussig continues to work in his profession of many years – being Misameach Jews with his singing, both at live events and through his musical recordings.

In his latest album, titled ‘Mikan Vo’elech,’ Rabbi Taussig included a salute to the thousands of Chabad Shluchim who operate on behalf of world Jewry all over the world. The album features a track with Rabbi Taussig singing the ‘Niggun Hashluchim,’ which is also known as the ‘Niggun Rosh Chodesh Kislev.’


  • 3. Lol wrote:

    Lol theres no connection between this niggun (the rosh chodesh kislev niggun) and the shluchim. The kinus is held by shabbos mevorchim kislev so its sung by the kinus. The kinus is for shluchim. The niggun is for chasidim… (Plus wasnt the original rc kislev when the rebbe got better, years before the first kinus?)

  • 4. Chillul Hakodesh wrote:

    New style “admorim” ruin our holy and pure Niggun Rosh Chodesh Kislev

    • 5. to #4 wrote:

      Sounds better than any other time I have heard it. A miracle that someone outside is singing it at all. Niggun has nothing to do with kinus.A real chillul HaShem unholy and impure comment. I have been out on shlichut for the REBBE for almost 40 years and there are more new style admorim in chabad than any other group of Jews in the world.

  • 6. give it 10 wrote:

    There’s nothing like hearing it at the shluchim convention. I always get chills

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    oye……..chill everyone…………

    it’s a compliment and just let it be that.


    one song and a million comments. :-)

  • 10. rebbe maven wrote:

    His father passed away several weeks ago. his grandfather a few years ago. His father wasrabbi of the shul for a short time and now it was handed to this man.


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