CHK Files Lawsuit Claiming Improper Use of Logo

Vaad Hakashrus of Crown Heights has filed a lawsuit in Federal court claiming a number of food establishments, wine producers and rabbis are using its trademarked “CHK” logo without being certified.

The lawsuit, alleging trademark infringement, was brought by lawyers for Vaad Hakashrus Crown Heights, Inc. against R. Yosef Barun, along with Kingston Bakery, Inc., Chocolatte, Inc., Allied Wine Corp., Eber’s Liquor & Wine Inc. and Responsible Liquor, Inc., all of whom are alleged by the plaintiff to be improperly using – or selling products that bear – an unauthorized CHK logo.

According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court, R. Braun ignored multiple cease and desist letters demanding that he stop using the CHK logo as his own. These letters were also sent to the food establishments and winemaker in question, which were ignored as well.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that “in order to assist Braun (and Schwei) in his attempt to use the unauthorized “CHK” certification and to coerce food establishments to use it, he (as well as Schwei) has caused third parties aligned in interest with him (and Schwei) to offer monies to food establishments and others on the condition that they use the unauthorized “CHK” certification of Braun (and Schwei) and do not use (or cease using) Plaintiffs registered “CHK” certification marks.”

In the lawsuit Vaad Hakashrus is seeking monetary damages from the defendants, along with a preliminary and permanent injunction barring them from further use of the CHK logo.

Click Here to download the full complaint.



  • 2. Rabbi Osdoba wrote:

    Rabbi Osdoba many people will respect you if you are big enough to make sholom. It will bring moshiach much closer!

    • 3. Palestinians wrote:

      I am sure the world would like Israel much better if they made peace with the Palestinians.

  • 6. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    This is what irks me about the Meshichist cartel. They can’t create something from nothing, they must always hijack others peoples ideas and/orpeoples (already established) institution.

    • 8. Vaad wrote:

      No, the Vaad Hakashrus is a separate legal entity.

      Now if that is not that clear let Braun sue so to correct that, dont just go and cause confusion and make garbage of the CHK logo.

  • 10. mother wrote:

    Our Rav is 100% right
    If we listen to our Rav we wouldn’t be having this issue to begin with.

  • 11. Levi Rodal wrote:

    You are not mentioning any of the Names Taking Rabbi Braun to Goishe Court.
    Were are the Names???????
    Shame on you I am making a resolution right here and now not to open to your disgracefull web again.
    when The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach will reappear openly you will see that you delayed his coming and in result more people got sick and …
    I brech on you

    • 12. Ha Ha Ha wrote:

      Thanks for the laugh.

      Hopefully you will keep your word and we will never hear from you again. Now get lost.

    • 13. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      Moshiach is not coming because OF THIS LAWSUIT, not the countless lawsuits and Mesira bought to us by the meshichist cartels over the years.

      Six years ago, your meshichistim were involved in the worse mesira of our times. We shall never forget!!!!

    • 14. What the....? wrote:

      Why is it all these fanatic moshichisten are also crazy? If there were one or two normal fanatics, people who are sincerely misguided but polite and pleasant, they would at least be treated with respect. But there doesn’t seem to be any. Mr Rodal, you epitomize nutsville, but thanks to your hachlata, we won’t read any more rants (didn’t your father ever teach you about bli neder? Now you are stuck.)

  • 16. How wrote:

    Do they expect this community to have any peace or sense of harmony when the rabbonim cannot even get their act together and have peace?

  • 17. www wrote:

    I don’t know who is “right” and who is not, but I am upset that in the heart of the Rebbe’s shechuneh, this would be possible.
    lets grow up and do things right.

  • 18. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    As a masghiach for numerous years, I can state unequivtably that Koshrus is a very dirty business owing to: money, prestege, power and ability to assert authority; i. e. control!!!!!!!

    • 19. Maybe So wrote:

      But the conduct of Braun and Co. is quite disgraceful. There are laws and just because you dont like something it does not mean you can go and do whatever you want.

  • 20. MaidofCH wrote:

    It figures — the establishments which serve better food are the ones butting heads with the rabbanim. Just proves the old adage — everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening.

  • 23. Agree with #10, #11 - All politics wrote:


    ….and we claim to want Moshiach?!?!?!

  • 24. CH Bubby wrote:

    CHK stands for Crown Heights Kosher. So why shouldn’t all the Crown Heights Rabbanim use it ? This whole business is a big chilul hashem, embarrassment for Lubavitch, and a terrible example for the community.

    • 26. Bubby to Bubby wrote:

      Have you seen Braun’s symbol? It’s the old CHK symbol, but instead of a red background, it’s been adulterated, on black with an additional oval ring and braun’s name.
      Even Braun KNOWS the he is not the legitimate CHK, and his emblem is deceptive, because most people don’t realize that it’s not the pre-Gimmel Tamuz hashgacha.
      I don’t like when someone tries to pull a fast one on me, but this is worse, because Braun publicly stated that anything under the original CHK cannot be considered kosher, and yet all “his” establishments use some of that stuff.
      Go by Braun, and there’s nothing to eat in CH.
      Also, Eber’s is not under Braun anymore, and Eishel also dropped Braun several months ago. Now its just Chocolatte and Kingston bakery that need to drop him, and there won’t be a case anymore because the black chk will cease to exist. Amen, Kein Yehi Ratzon, bimheira byameinu!

  • 27. Borsalino wrote:

    Money plus money plus money equal lots of money
    Cash is the king
    Nice example for crown heighsters who are bound by this ” BD”
    If they don’t listen to BD. Why us?

  • 28. Rabbi Osdaba wrote:

    Was the only ROV who stood up against the Yechi Crazies in 749 last week when they beat up a Bochur.

    He deserves a lot of respect for for that

    Braun and Old Man Schwei had no backbone to do it.

  • 30. replying... wrote:

    Very interesting.. how come the vaad didn’t file a lawsuit when SOMEONE from the badatz of ch last year baked matzos by goyim and had the chk simple on it in boro park and sold it?! or tuna fish cans with non kosher oil etc… that they make sure not to say or do anything when the responsiblity of us eating treif is fine. but againt meshichist they always have a vaad: STOP MAKING PROBLEMS, WHEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

  • 31. Zalmy.Schapiro wrote:

    I have a question what’s wrong with our koshrus and our Rabbiamim? and secondly I want to mention is as long as we all keep Cholov Yisroel Glatt Kosher Kosher Pareve and Kosher for Peasch separate sinks for meat and dairy separate spoons forks knives and other dishes so what’s the matter why are we all complaining to the our Rabbiamim ?

  • 32. Equalizer wrote:

    Braun is a child , liar and everything in between , he should be sent packing , the earlier the better

  • 33. What the....? wrote:

    I wouldn’t trust the Kashrus of anything certified as kosher by Braun. I don’t go in those places. I heard Eber stopped using the logo, so if that is correct, the article needs to be changed.

  • 34. chossid wrote:

    braun is a bad little boy , he must go ,dont give him any kovod a baal machlokes everywhere he went .schwei a nice man not the sharpest knife in the drawer. g-d help us all .

  • 35. Keesha Nateesha wrote:

    Can someone please explain what exactly is going on?! Who is the “Vaad” and who is the “bais din”? Who owns the hechser? Are the restaurants using the unauthorized logo Kosher? If yes by who? I’m so lost!
    Thank you

  • 36. ????????????? wrote:

    Jews around the world are praying as one for our holy brothers in isreal, creating achdus,and this has to be posted making so called ” Dent’s ” in this achdus????
    Why post this and create problems??????

    • 37. Koshering Chazzer Fissel wrote:

      Convenient for you and your despicable ilk, lets pour the blood of murder Jews in Israel at the feet of HoRav Osdoba… This lawsuit is why they are all being killed, or is it?

      Maybe the victims of terror are being killed because of Braun’s Koshering Chazzer Fissel with HoRav Osdoba’s Shtempel… Ever think of that?

      My complaint to HoRav Osdova is “WHAT TOOK YOU SO DAMN LONG?!”

    • 38. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      Perhaps the latest verdict in the Kahot case was what pushed this forward?

  • 39. Zalmy.Schapiro wrote:

    I have a question what’s wrong with our Rabbiamim and Koshrus? and I want to mention about something as long as we keep Cholov Yisroel, Glatt Kosher, Kosher Parve, Kosher For Peasch, separate sinks for dairy and meat, separate forks knives spoons and other dishes so why are you complaining about the whole thing? to # 23 job well done I agree with you to the Rabbiamim I wish you a lot of successful and a lot of happiness

  • 40. Rabbi Osdaba fell for the trap wrote:

    After the court upheld Rabbi Bruans election but didn’t rule on the Kashrus issue, it meant that rabbi Osdoba was left in charge

    But now that Rabbi Osdoba is telling the court to rule on the matter he will probably lose control because the Zabl’o psak din (which was upheld in court) clearly says that it belongs to the Bais Din and is not a private entity.

    That is why they have been using the CHK logo in the first place, to provoke rabbi Osdoba to go to court.

    The options are simple. 1) allow a few small shops to use the logo that everyone knows who’s who and keep everything else. 2) risk losing everything (very likely).

    If you were the legal counsel what would you choose? I think he made a big mistake

    • 41. compromise? wrote:

      We shouldn’t allow “a few small shops” etc…
      People living in CH don’t even know that chocolatte is under Braun. They see a sign “Beis Din of CH” and they assume it’s kosher. We can’t allow the innocent to be affected like this.

    • 42. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      and they (meshichistim cartel) needed to play this game because they (mossrim) have a problem going to court?

  • 43. Zalmy.Schapiro wrote:

    I have a better idea maybe we should all how about we use Montreal Koshrus or Israeli Koshrus or maybe use Boro Park, Williamsburg and Flatbush Koshrus I’m just giving you some ideas that’s all ;-):-)

  • 44. Dear people wrote:

    Watch your mouth. I’m a granddaughter of Rav Osdoba and heard two rude things about him. Before you say something think about a kid or someone that would feel bad if you put down someone who they are related to. Watch your mouth, you don’t know how hurtful words can be. And instead of complaining and fighting with each other, you can actually get along. THAT is what will bring Moshiach.

    • 45. replying... wrote:

      You are right. BUT does it still give him the right to continue doing wrong and NO ONE says anything?!and he will not listen because of his own faults?! its not right either. when EVERYONE does the RIGHT thing Moshiach will have no problem to come!

    • 46. Dear people wrote:

      And you think you’re being right? Instead of complaining ABOUT my zaidy, complain TO him. You don’t have to start Loshon Hara about him. Enough bad things happen. And when all of you people complain about everyone, you’re making moshiach come slower. Instead of saying loshon Hara about every person you know, you can explain nicely to them what you want and need. And I’m only 12. If I realize what can bring Moshiach, you can too.

    • 47. replying.. wrote:

      I’m sorry as you are only 12 and starting to hear or see about life. As i mentioned in my first reply “he will NOT listen because of his own faults”. its not right that pple have to eat non kosher because of his decision. people have to know, not out of loshon hara but out of to be aware. once again if everyone will do what Hashem wants us to do, Moshiach will have no problem to come.

  • 48. Rabbi Osdaba wrote:

    Is the ROV of the Rebbe

    The Rebbe said they will be forever!!!!

    He will outlive the rest and lead us to Moshiach!!!!!

  • 49. The real problem!! wrote:

    Even if there are issues going on with the rabbonim, why on earth is it the public’s business?!?!
    This shows disrespect to both sides and the concept of Beis din and rabbonim!!!!! Just like if teachers/ staff have disagreements there is no need to post their arguments for the students, this is degrading the concept of rabbonim!!!!! No matter who’s side your on.
    I hope this gets posted, even though it bashes the sight- to show open press and right to express opinions.

  • 50. dov wrote:

    Would agree to Zalman Shapiro. The worst braun could lose is a few stores. Osdoba has the whole hechsher which he wants the court to pasken. This was most certainly a set up.

  • 51. Excuse me wrote:

    RAV SCHWEI was elected to the Bais Din with a permanent shtar a long time ago. The chk was made by the Rebbe to fund the Bais Din. Rav Schwei gave up his job as a mashgiach ruchani to do that. People are holding the fact that he believes the Rebbe is moshiach which really in English only translates to one thing. The Rebbe is ruling Lubovitch and we need to listen to him and not use what is in style in the Ganze Medina to determine what we do and say. Every group has its fringe idiots. That should not define crowning our Rebbe as our current leader. Would anyone stand in front of our Rebbe and tell him that his elected Rabbonim are not getting paid for years because they believe in him. If we want peace in crown heights we have to stop hiding behind all this Loshon hara and we have to respect all our Rabbonim. Some people are angry at Rav Schwei because he ruled against them because they were wrong according to Halacha despite their wealth and power. What Supreme Court judge doesn’t know that feeling?! When it comes to Rav Schwei the issue is the law – our holy law – and very few people know it better than him.

  • 52. The man wrote:

    Schwei is unfortunately aloser , always was , is , and will always be , you people who back him and the child Braun should do teshuva , the blind leading the blind , wake up people they are both bad news .

  • 54. צבי wrote:

    אני קורא פה את התגובות וכפי שאני רואה אף אחד לא מתיחס לעצם הענין,
    השאלה היא מי עומד מאחורי מיסטר בראון מי דוחף אותו לכל זה ?
    ובכן האיש שעומד מאחורי כל זה האו לא אחר מהמוסר והגנב הידעו בשער הלא הוא ,יעקל דר גנב ,הוא זה שמשקיע במצות לפסח והוא זה שמאיים על מפעל העופות בפנסליבניה והוא זה שמביא את היון הנוכל הזה החליט שעם בראון הוא יוכל לעשות עסקים עד שיעיף אותו לכל הרוחות,
    וזה הענין שהוא מזמין אותו כל שנה לקעפ לכמה ימים,
    נ, ב, גם הרב אוזדובר למד לקח מאותו גנב והא משלם את המחיר מבחינת אל תתחבר לרשעים,

  • 55. what!! wrote:

    Guys im not taking any sides here but the way u guys r soeaking about rabbanim here and saying lashon hara abt them is why moashiach is not coming r u kidding me guys plz now this is why think abt our brothers in israel they need moshaich ok and what were doing here is seriosly not helping!!!!!! Moshaich now

  • 56. Fed up wrote:

    People in crown heights seem to forget that Schwei and Braun together with all the other gangsters are fighting the rov who was in power while the rebbe was here bgashmius , what more is there to say , band together and throw these sinners out , make signs with their pictures place them all over , it should read Wanted for treason etc ….push them out … They must be shown the door , all the shkotzim must go .

  • 57. Innocent bystander wrote:

    I not such a maven in the various politics. But I have a very simple question, to which I have never been able to receive a satisfactory answer:

    Is the CHK run by the Beis Din, or by Rabbi Osdobo personally?

    If it is run by the Beis Din, why is Rabbi Schwei not involved with it? (I think all agree that he is a member of the Beis Din, and he is listed as such on Rabbi Osdobo’s stationary).

    If it is run by Rabbi Osdobo personally, why does it say “Badatz of K”K Crown Heights” (in small letters under the CHK symbol)? Many other Rabonim have their own hechsherim whilst being a member of a Beis Din, but write only their own name since it is not run by the Beis Din as a whole.


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