Judge Delays Ruling on Kaparos Injunction

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has delayed her ruling on a motion brought by animal rights activists attempting to disrupt the ancient Jewish custom of Kaparos ahead of the holiday of Yom Kippur.

Manhattan supreme court judge Debra James announced in front a packed courtroom filled with Jewish leaders, animal rights activists, and media personnel that she will be delaying her ruling until Monday, which coincides with the first day of Rosh Hashana.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, chairman of the Crown Heights-based NCFJE, which is a defendant in the case, told CrownHeighs.info that the judge’s decision to give the ruling on Rosh Hashana gives the plaintiffs an unfair advantage with regards to the necessary steps for appeal which will have to be taken following any ruling. The judge nevertheless decided to deliver the ruling that day, despite the defendants’ requests to push it off to Wednesday so that they could be in attendance.

Rabbi Hecht also told CrownHeights.info that the plaintiffs, a collection of radical vegan and animal-rights activist groups, are acting in bad faith in ways which do not concern the welfare of animals. As an example, he pointed to the timing of the lawsuit, which was intentionally filed after the NCFJE put through a non-refundable $50,000 order for chickens – in the hopes of causing massive financial loss to his organization.

“We know that they did this intentionally, because they had a full year to file the lawsuit,” he pointed out. “They tried this last year but couldn’t get an injunction before Yom Kippur. Instead of continuing with that lawsuit, they withdrew it – and then waited to refile it until after the order for chickens was placed this year, but with just enough time for a ruling to cause financial damage.”



  • 1. Citizen Berel wrote:

    These people believe in nothing and have nothing to live for so they join an army and go to war. It’s total war. So any opposition is their mortal enemy.

    Bad faith? They are savages on the warpath looking for scalps. They don’t have capacity to care for anything let alone chickens. They are nihilists who hate themselves and the world around them. But most of all they hate anyone who believes in anything.

    They are ISIS without guns. Let them loose and you will have gulags and ovens. Not worth the price of our chickens.

    • 2. Good Citizen wrote:

      It is sad to read the comment by “Citizen Berel,” since it is so bizarre, hateful, and an absolute embarrassment and disgrace, yet predictably it will be followed by many similar incredibly uncouth and nasty comments. Your words and behavior simply show the world just how irrational and ridiculous you are. Aren’t there any leaders in Chabad who can put these loony-tunes in their place?

    • 3. Troll wrote:

      You mean exterminate him like the chickens? Or the same way an entire religion is being vilified by the these ‘so-called’ progressives such as yourself?

      Carry on trolling elsewhere.

    • 4. Good Citizen wrote:

      “Troll” – You perfectly demonstrate the veracity of what I wrote, and that your level of rationality is on par with chickens or even less. Nothing in my reply to “Citizen Berel” indicated that I support “exterminating” anyone, bird or human, or vilifying an entire religion. I do not, and neither do the protesters and those who filed the lawsuit. Even if one supports the Kaparos Minhag 100% it is no reason to so viciously vilify those who do not approve of it and hope for it to stop.

      Please spend a bit of time actually learning some Shulchan Aruch, Chassidus, and Derech Eretz for a change, and do Teshuva and correct your words and behavior accordingly, preferably before Rosh Hashona comes, so that you may merit to a Shona Tova U’Mesuka.

  • 5. Ah ah ah ah wrote:

    The Biggest Lough in the world
    Justice ? Judges ?
    Dictators , dictatorship,

  • 6. B"H wrote:

    we wish Rabbi Shea Hecht hatzlocho rabbo, and bezras Hashem it will be didan notzach on rosh hashono

  • 10. Poshiter yid wrote:

    The one calling himself ‘good citizen’ is clearly the looney toon wacko, go back to your bunker.

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    not only are they causing angst and damage to the Kaparos situation but they are also achieving something far worse – fighting among our own!
    So they are winning on two fronts?
    Let them not win on either front!

    B’chlal when there is infighting we are defenseless!

    that is truly NOT what we want.

    ksiva vachasima tova.

  • 12. so right wrote:

    To #1 so sad but your on the track. that’s what they are. Those who don’t see it are naive


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