Ted Cruz Megadonor Identified as Lubavitcher Mogul

A Lubavitcher entrepreneur and Crown Heights native who built a used-cellphone business empire has emerged as the mysterious megadonor behind the presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, reports the New York Times.

From the NY Times by Kitty Bannett:

Federal campaign finance reports identified the source of a $250,000 donation to the Stand for Principle PAC, a group backing Mr. Cruz, only as “V3 231 LLC.”

But records tie the donation to Ben Nash, the chief executive of PCS Wireless, and a spokesman acknowledged that Mr. Nash was behind the donation.

The spokesman, Robert Barletta, said in the statement that “V3 231 LLC, of which Ben Nash is a member of the ownership group, donated $250,000 to Stand for Principle” in January. “The donation was transparent and fully within federal campaign finance laws,” Mr. Barletta said. “Senator Cruz has been a strong supporter of Jewish issues, and this was the basis for the donation.”

Mr. Nash, a former Yeshiva student, co-founded PCS Wireless in 2001 as a teenager and built it into a major global distributor of new and used phones and mobile devices.

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  • chaim

    I thought he was supposed to be smart. he backed a sure looser.
    what makes him lubavitch anyway.
    thats not meant to be a negative comment but if he doesn’t walk like a duck, talk like a duck act like a duck he probably isn’t a duck.

    (in this story duck is lubavitch)

    • Milhouse

      Cruz is not a loser, even if he doesn’t win the presidency. No matter what happens in this campaign, he has a brilliant career ahead of him. Personally I don’t think he should be president; I would prefer it if he stayed in the senate for 10 years or so, long enough to make a real impact there, and then ended up on the supreme court. But whatever he ends up doing he will be prominent for decades to come, and investing in him is a good idea.

    • Chossid

      Are you a Rebbe, can you see what he is or isn’t?

      This is what I know about you (don’t need to be a Rebbe to figure this out).

      Your full of negativity and you are definitely jealous.

      You also don’t really know whats going on in politics.

      Next time you should use some Chabad (“Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge”) before spewing hate.

  • Lol

    Comment 1 hilarious. If he’s geze, he’s lubavitch, if he has money, he’s lubavitch,
    If he’s not geze, not lubavitch… Meaning were not easy to say or proud to say he’s lubavitch, likewise if no money

  • Hypocrisy number one

    I love how on a anonymous blog its easy to label someone as not lubavitch, but the second you have have an organisation which wants their money he is “one of us”.

  • are you kidding #1

    do you know him? what makes him a lubavitcher? maybe ask the question what makes you a lubaticher.
    he acts like a lubvitcher, has unbelievable ahavas yisroel like a lubavitvher should, he supports lubavitch mosdos, individuals and businesses with both his time and his money

    do you have an issue with the way he dresses? are you a chitzoni? because let me tell you something this young man is a true pnimi and a very special lubavitcher chosid

  • Elul, please don't judge

    To ‘chaim’. Firstly you name means ‘life’ – by speaking in such a way, you’re doing just the opposite to yourself, and others. Secondly, please don’t be so quick to judge someone, who has more Ahavas Yisrael than nearly anyone you would ever meet. Finally, don’t judge a book by its cover.

    • ok

      That’s the only reason for voting for him? What about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

    • Ted2016

      The answer is in the question.


      Both these people have accomplished more then you ever will.

  • duck questions.

    He walks like a man with a plan. He is educated and cares for all jews from all walks of life. He wants to make a difference in this word. If He made the donation it’s for good reason. Stop hating so much. What part of the chabad duck pushes hatred and jelousy. Are you chabad?

    • Milhouse

      Even if it were true that he can’t win the presidency (and this far out there is no way for anyone to know that), it’s still not a waste of money. His campaign is getting him and his message known, and that itself is worth a lot. I say this as someone who is not supporting him for president, because I think he is more needed where he is in the senate.

  • just me

    wow the ignorance here is baffling as is the attitudes ..Ben can give $ to whomever he chooses to and for the record the hat and jacket or the beard for that matter make NO difference…and is irrelevant.

    if YOU got all the OUTER garb, and had the chutpza to comment like that I’d rather have nothing to do with your kind.

    Shame on you for giving chabad a bad wrap by your better than thou attitude. Such comments do more damage than you can imagine, and won’t make a difference regardless.

    Thanks for reporting this ch.info.

  • in the know

    if trump wins he will be his VP

    i think its a waste of money to go to him but hes not a loser

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    Cruz would make a good president, much better then the alternatives out there especially those left wing progressives who believe in the cult of mederiority and freedom from religion.

  • To number one

    Ben Nash is more of a Lubavitcher then any one I know !! The Rebbe is certainly proud of him and all that he does Ve’dal

    Number 1 You have zero Ahavas Yisroel and the a detractor of all that chabad eta de for

    PS there’s and old saying “if you have nothing nice to say say nothing”

    • Milhouse

      And what, Canadians are losers?!

      Nobody cares where he was born; if a majority in the electoral college vote for him, and the House counts those votes, he will be president.

    • Daniel

      That is right. He was born in Canada and therefore is not eligible to be President of the United States.

    • Milhouse

      Daniel, the current interpretation of “natural born citizen” seems to be “citizen at birth”, and Cruz qualifies. But even if it does mean born in the USA, nobody cares any more. It will not prevent him from being elected, and once the House counts the Electors’ votes it won’t matter; qualified or not, whoever wins that count will be the legitimate president.

  • Great Dane

    Great move, Ben! I love it. Huge supporter of Ted Cruz and his values. Ted is a huge supporter of life, morality, Israel, is strong against terrorism and is someone who can make our country great again.