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German Foreign Minister Visits Ukraine Chabad Center

The Menorah Jewish Center, the world’s largest Jewish community center, received Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier when he visited Ukraine, late last month.

The German Minister met hundreds of community members who were in the synagogue for Shabbat prayers. In a subsequent closed-door meeting, he discussed the escalation of war in Ukraine with Chabad representatives.

A statement released by the center said that the details of the meeting were confidential, but that it was “successful.”

“The Jewish community of Dnepropetrovsk has become a symbol of democracy and a sign of why Ukraine needs the help and support of the entire free world to continue with the democratic process.”


  • 2. Sholom Goldenberger wrote:

    why are we not encouraging Jews to leave those countries soaked with the blood of our families.
    Let the shluchim be really helpful and raise money for the mass migration, or are they working at the behest of oligarchs


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