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New Girls’ High School to Open in Jerusalem

How many parents struggle to find the “right” school for their daughters? One that takes into account every girl’s unique strengths as well as acknowledging their challenges, be they academic, spiritual, or social?  A school that does not force a girl into a box, but rather, builds the box around the girls? A school where quiet girls are acknowledged, rewarded and appreciated as much as the “ra-ra” GO types.

At last: Machon Menucha, a unique new high school, will be opening in Jerusalem this coming September. Most of their students are relatively new Olim whose language issues make their current schools difficult and stressful and who may find total immersion into a Hebrew-speaking school to be overwhelming. Consequently, there is frustration and difficulties for both teacher and student. But language is not always the root cause of challenges; therefore, they are offering interested students from USA, UK, Canada and other English-speaking countries the opportunity to join the school.

Machon Menucha will open a dorm if enough students from overseas are committed to coming – they have already received inquiries from the USA and UK.

“Our goal is to bring out the best in each girl, to help her reach her potential, and to give her a pride in Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit and menshlechkeit. By accepting each girl’s unique personality we intend to create an atmosphere of warmth, harmony, and positivity,” said Yehudis Wisnefsky, Principal.

“Our students are not girls with severe psychological issues – we are not equipped to deal with such concerns. They are mainstream, typical teenagers with all the angst a teen feels! We don’t judge – we respect. We understand that being a frum teenager is not always an easy path and while we have created very general policies, there are always circumstances that necessitate adaptations. Each student is an individual who deserves a school that treats her as such and takes into account the whole picture when helping her grow. To that end, every student will be interviewed carefully – someone who has had difficulties in elementary school is just as likely to be accepted as one who never was disciplined. We are looking for students who want to succeed, and learning difficulties also will not preclude us from accepting an applicant. We look at the whole picture,” said Hindy Lewis, director of the General Studies Dept.

Machon Menucha will follow Chabad hashkafas while simultaneously giving students a quality education, both in Limudei Kodesh & Limudei Chol. Only Chabad teachers will teach Limudei Kodesh, and all staff will be carefully selected for both their qualifications and experience as well as for their nurturing and compassionate personalities. Prominent Rabbonim and educators have already given their haskama to this new venture. In fact, Rabbi Bloi shlita, Dean of Bet Chana HS in Jerusalem, told Machon Menucha’s founders directly there should be more schools like this.

In addition to a regular curriculum, students will be able to attend an after-school Enrichment Program, where they can join in such activities as art, music, drama, first aid, computers, creative writing, sewing, gym/sports, cooking & more. They will go on tiyulim (trips), hear from dynamic speakers, and have evening activities, including farbrengens, for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim. This program will also be open to Chabad girls who attend other high schools. Machon Menucha will arrange GED/SATS classes for those who want these credentials.

Additional services include gradual immersion into Hebrew; mentoring program; homework help program.

Machon Menucha invites girls of 9th & 10th grades to apply; an information package will be emailed on request. Additionally, they welcome applications from qualified, experienced staff. Please submit your resumes, including professional & personal references to

“We look forward to educating your daughters to be dugma chaya and successful, accomplished young ladies, and to working with you to ensure they have a warm and enjoyable educational experience,” said Mrs. Lewis.

Machon Menucha can be reached at for further information.



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