Sefer Hamitzvos Tournament Winners Announced

116 Girls from around the world competed at the international tournament of the 613 Mitzvos, culminating in the live game show in Crown Heights.

After a packed weekend with fun and trips the shabbaton culminated in a grand live game show on Sunday, showcasing the talent and grit of Lubavitch’s best students.

The vibe in the room was electric, as Vice chairman of Merkos Leinyoni Chniuch Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky opened the program telling the girls how dear the Limmud Horambam is to the Rebbe. “You all competed to be the first prize winner”, said rabbi kotlarsky “But only one girls walks away with that prize, however the true grand prize, the coming of Moshiach is something you have brought much closer and not only for yourselves but for the entire Klal Yisroel”.

The Program continued with a video of the Rebbe about Limmud Horambam, and then the finalists of were called onto the stage. They sat in teams as singing sensation Eli Marcus sang songs, and they watched a movie style film that included many mitzvos. The finalists were challenged to work out how many mitzvos were in the song, and the film the teams were awarded points for each Mitzva the found, There was one team that found one a Mitvza that no other team had found were awarded 100 extra points.

The excitement kept building as the MC Rabbi shimmy Weinbaum asked the teams questions, the team that pressed their buzzer first, their strobe light started flashing, The teams received points for each question they got right. It was mind boggling to see girls rattle off so much information about so many Mitzvos.

The program concluded with the medal ceremony. The third place winner in each grade earned the bronze medal the second the silver and the third the gold. The winners were announced by the executive director of Tzivos Hashem Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson.  The winners received sets of Chumoshim and Tenach that were sponsored in memory of general Chaya Spalter Oleha Hasholom.

Bronze Medal:


4th Grade

Cheder Menachem, Wilkes Barre

Sima Chaya Hershkop


5th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Malka Futerfas


6th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Esther Morozow


7th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Monreal

Miriam Ashkenazi


Yeshiva Schools, Pittsburgh

Menucha Rochel Itkin


8th Grade

Bais Chaya Mushka, Crown Heights

Rivkah Plotkin


Silver Medal:


4th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Chava Bronstein


5th Grade


Sara Fineland


Bais Rivkah, Crown Heights

Leah Avtzon


6th Grade

Lubavitch Cheder Day School, Minnesota

Mushkie Goldberg


7th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Montreal

Freida Menucha Vaisfiche


8th Grade:

Bais Rivkah, Montreal

Hinda Gurary


Gold Medal:


4th Grade

Cheder Menachem, Wilkes Barre

Chaya Mushka Levitin


5th Grade

Bais Rivkah, Montreal

Devorah Leah Gurari


6th Grade:

Beis Chaya Mushka, Toronto

Sheina Bracha Landau


7th Grade:

Bnos Menachem, Crown Heights

Devorah Leah Hendel


8th Grade:

Bais Rivkah, Montreal

Freida Vaisfiche

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  • 1. WooHoo Bais Rivkah Montreal wrote:

    I am so proud to have girls from our community win the chidon. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like for the girls to work so hard and see such fruits of their labor. Thank you Mrs. Scheiner for putting your heart and soul into the success of our students of Bais Rivkah Montreal. Success breeds success.
    Mazal tov to the parents, it must give you so much nachas to see your children work so hard and be rewarded in such a beautiful way.
    Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Yeshiva in Montreal would also be part of this competition. Wouldn’t it be nice if as much effort was put into the success of the Yeshiva boys as in the Bais Rivkah girls? If the efforts will be put in place to make that happen, I guarantee that the yeshiva boys will not need to be discussing all their devarim beteilim…… instead, they’ll be discussing sefer hamitzvos. Hey , that’s not so bad!!

  • 2. From Montreal wrote:

    Yeeeey Beis Rivkah Montreal!!!
    Thanks to Mrs. Scheiner, Mrs. Vaisfische and Mushky Goldshmidt!!!!!!!

  • 3. Bais Rivkah Montreal - the best school wrote:

    2 Golds !!
    2 Silvers !!
    1 Bronze !!
    WOW !!

    Thanks Mrs Scheiner.

  • 4. Montreal & Pensylvania Funs wrote:

    Sarah Kupfer, you’re amazing and wonderful, thank you for all your devotion in this Chidon program, you made our Shabbos exceptional !!! Bestttttt friendssss FOREVEEEERRRRRRRRRRR

  • 6. Tzvi Morantz wrote:

    Mazel tov to all the winners and to those who worked so hard. It gives me great nachos to see the results of my generation’s hope in our children, who are now bringing up their children with the words of The Rebbe Shlita. Yoshar koach to my hard working daughter Shoshana Scheiner and to My grand daughters Rivkah and Sarale Sheiner who were amongst the Beth Rivkah girls who ranked highly and travelled to New York for the finals. We could not be prouder, bubbly and zaidy.


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