Sydney’s Cong. Tzemach Tzedek Celebrates Lag Ba’omer

Over 700 people attended Sydney’s largest Lag Ba’omer Bonfire at the Tzemach Tzedek Community Centre Wednesday night.

The event was held in memory of Brocha Bas Moshe Stark in honor of her Yahrtzeit.

A children’s rally kicked off the evening. Rabbi Straiton ran the program, which included a story, 12 Pesukim and a raffle. Tehillim was recited for a Refuah Shelaima for Menucha Rochel bas Gila Elka.

Arts and Crafts activities were prepared by Rivky Lazarus. Indoor games, a Jumping Castle and Mechanical Surfboard kept everyone entertained. Live music was played by the KTC Boys High School Band.

Recent renovations and extensions allowed for a lot more activities than in the past.

A special thank you goes to Sreuvi Lazarus and Benny Amzalak for coordinating the event, Rami Harel for an amazing bonfire, the team of KTC boys that helped throughout the night, everyone else who assisted with the event and to the Sydney community for joining in the festivities.

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  • Go Yossi g

    Best drummer in all of azi land
    Keep it up
    The folks from Toronto

  • Greetings Mayer Barber and Yitzhak barber

    Greetins from ny..You look like youre havin’ a great time!! wonderful to see you

    the Hebers

  • Sydney should be proud

    Well done Sydney. A beautiful event. Lots of Nachas to The Rebbe. May you continue to grow from Strength to strength.

  • Tzemach Tzedek - Beis Hamikdosh

    It was like a Beis Hamikdosh at Tzemach Tzedek on Lag B’omer. People were coming from all over Sydney. Biggest crowd ever. The program was run very professionally and this year they utilised the whole building and had separate areas for children’s rally with easily over 100 people attending. The downstairs became the food area then games inside rides outside and thee biggest bonfire in Sydney.

    Kol Hakovod to Tzemach Tzedek and the organisors.

  • Amazing event

    Well organized event, thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike. Well over 150 people in attendance

  • Proud of you Sreuvi and Rivky Lazarus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!

    Sreuvi and Rivky Lazarus are the coolest hottest couple ever!!!!

  • all the way from ny

    its about time that Rabbi Yitzchok Barber take over the leadership of the community and lead them in the rite way!!!!!!!!

  • very nice

    i was there and lets be real there was no 700 ppl……
    maybe 350 from beginning to end…
    but very nice.