Photos: 100’s Attend Raitport Assembly Event

Hundreds of Crown Heightsers turned out for Mendy Raitport‘s “Rally for Assembly”, featuring entertainment for children including the French Twins and Benjilini.

Raitport is vying for the 43rd Assembly District seat in a special election that is taking place on Tuesday, May 5th.

Elections take place on Tuesday, May 5th, and poll sites open as early as 6:00am and close as late s 9:00pm. Click Here to search for your poll site and voting times.

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  • amazing!

    Every single registered voter must go out tomorrow and vote for mendy! Something like this doesn’t happen every day go and vote!

  • rmb

    how many people give off that erliche feeling. I get the feeling that he is erlich and a straightforward mench.

  • Why aren't there any pictures

    of the great Benjilini doing his performance

  • two

    i thought there was supposed to be two twins from france there ? i only see one. how come ? i thought there was supposed to be more than just the twins from france, was there other things going on there other than that ?

  • mendel

    Is he running unopposed? Does that mean if he gets one vote he automatically wins?

    • mendel engel

      He is not running unopposed. (Political propaganda in my view.)

  • Benjilini

    I will ALWAYS remember this special performance for my former student, “Mendy Raitport!” I am so PROUD of him that he tried to run for the NYS Assembly representing Dist#43. It was a joy for me to see at 3pm, myself, the mic guy, and Mendy’s PR guy. By 4pm, there was over 1000 people at my performance. Many children were able to assist me with my many magical effects. I was able to spread my message of “peace, respect for all people, and working together for “all” in the community!” The hundreds of smiles that day, meeting some of my old students, and “ALL” of my magical effects working to the delight of all present, will ALWAYS stay with me. I am sorry he did not win but “Pesach Sheni” teaches us, “There is a second chance.” Never give up and don’t lose hope-Try again! I am very PROUD of you!!! Benjilini/Elisha