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CyberSem Launches New e-Learning Program

Nearly 500 students graduate from Chabad high schools each year with the hopes of continuing their undergraduate studies the following year in a Chabad seminary.

Today, most Chabad seminaries offer a one-year program, with limited options to continue Judaic studies, many young women will discontinue their undergraduate studies and take up temporary shlichus (outreach) positions, while others will pursue degrees in teaching, therapies, arts or other sciences.

With the central role young Chabad women play in their homes, and in many instances as leaders in their communities, a strong foundation in education, theology and practical halacha is essential. CyberSem is ideal for such students who will continue pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees. CyberSem’s goal is to provide an online format that resolves the geographic and space problem by offering online seminary courses in a variety of Torah subjects and communications courses.

According to Mrs. Chavi Goldberg, EdD, president and founder of CyberSem, LLC, CyberSem plans to address the needs of a variety of learning styles by utilizing multiple teaching techniques through collaborative and other higher thinking methods in addition to traditional lecture-based instruction. The e-Learning study format includes discussions, chats, synchronous as well as non-synchronous activities and assignments and will provide students with knowledge and comfort with technology that will prepare them to engage in the 21st century job market, if they so desire.

Mrs. Goldberg has been an educator for three decades and is responsible for educational oversight and operations, including curriculum development, program development, faculty and student recruitment, academic excellence and financial oversight. By eliminating the high overhead costs of a traditional brick and mortar institution, CyberSem is able to provide a cost effective solution to women who don’t have affordable learning opportunities available. CyberSem offers a viable opportunity for women of all ages either to return to Seminary or to enroll in Seminary for the first time and not miss out on an exciting, valuable learning opportunity.

CyberSem is offering one free course in Chassidus based on the maamar Vayishlach Yehoshua: historical background of when the maamar was said, review of the relevant commentaries of the chumash and novi texts, and an in-depth study of the maamar itself. Enrollment is currently open at

The website will have updates on the many interesting and innovative courses as they are made available, as well as contact information for Mrs. Goldberg for further questions.


  • 2. Small comment wrote:

    “CyberSem is ideal for such students who will continue pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees…”

    This sounds like a wonderful thing… kol hakavod. It disheartened me, however, to hear of the pursuit of a “Bachelor’s degree” spoken of as something expected as a matter of course of high school graduates. There was a time when college was never discussed, given the Rebbe’s strong feelings against it for most every student. Maybe it’s just the way it’s worded here. Perhaps you meant that if someone has already decided to go the route of college, here is something that will keep allow them to stay connected to kedushah.

    Yashar koach for taking this upon yourself. May the zechus harabbim bring many brochos to your family.

  • 4. Sorry from Small comment wrote:

    Sorry Chavi to say something negative about your peulah (see above) It’s no reflection on the great efforts you are making to make sure girls after sem have access to Chassidus and learning … you are doing a wonderful thing. If everyone would make the effort to contribute something positive to klal Yisroel, we’d be fulfilling our purpose of creation. Kol haKavod and hatzlacha rabbah.

  • 5. Chavi Goldberg wrote:

    Your comment is well taken, and thank you for commenting. Yes that is the way it has always been in Lubavitch. When I originally thought about this project, and I spoke with Rabonim within Lubavitch we discussed openly the dilemma of initiating a project that would be both on the Internet and related to college attendance. Really, the internet issue was the greatest. For CyberSem, the college issue is only secondary, for those girls who are pursuing a college education to upgrade themselves for employment reasons. The primary reason CyberSem exists is to give women of all ages a chance to go back, or to go for the first time to Seminary and pursue exciting and challenging learning after their years of attending a face to face Seminary has passed.

  • 6. Chavi Goldberg wrote:

    Dear Small;
    I did not take your comment negatively at all. I answered you just to clarify the article and empathize with your sentiment. I hope it will help other readers, and I appreciate your taking the time to comment.


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