Luitzker Rebbe Reviews ‘Schneersohn Library’

Amid a visit to Moscow, the Rebbe of Luitzk, who is a descendant of the Alter Rebbe, stopped by for a visit at the Jewish Museum of Tolerance, where the Frierdiker Rebbe’s collection of Seforim and manuscripts is archived.

The library was seized from the Rebbe Rayatz by the Soviet regime after his arrest in 1927. It remained in the Lenin Library until two years ago, when Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized its transfer to the museum, which is under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar.

After reviewing several books and manuscripts, the Admor sat down for a ‘L’chaim Tisch,’ during which he gave Brochos to the directors of the museum, as well as to all those working to spread Yiddishkeit in the region.

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  • 2. B"H wrote:

    The Loitzker Rebbe is a descendant of R’ Aharon HaGadol and is a brother of the Stoliner Rebbe.

  • 5. To #4 wrote:

    Today they’re known as Stoliner Chassidim!
    R. Asher of Stolin, son of the Beis Aaron (R. Aaron Karliner), decided to remain in Stolin after his mentor R. Shlomo Karliner passed away!

  • 6. Cousin of the Loitzker Rebbe wrote:

    The Loitzker Rebbe is a real tzaddik and anav.The name Loitzk comes from the fact that his mothers father,the Stoliner Rebbe, Rav Yochanan lived in the city of Lutsk in Ukraine.


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