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Protesters Block Main Road in Nachlat Har Chabad

This morning, residents of Nachlat Har Chabad, a neighborhood in the city of Kiryat Malachi in southern Israel, woke up to a commotion – several of their fellow residents were blocking traffic in protest.

The reason? A blocked sewer was causing hazardous wastewater to leak into their homes, and their numerous complaints to the municipality were going unheeded.

The residents felt that the only way to get the municipality’s attention was to block off a main thoroughfare in protest.

R’ Meir Lehrer, one of the participants in the protest, said to a police officer who was rushed to the scene: “the health and safety of the city’s residents is more important than an open street.”

R’ Chaim Steiner, the vice mayor of Kirayt Malachi and a Chabad Chossid, told that he sympathizes with the protesters. He said that the sewage line in question is in need of fundamental repairs, and that the mayor was currently in talks with the regional council to have the matter resolved as soon as possible.

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  • 1. 123456 wrote:

    they spent all the money for the sewage replacement on defense budgets!it’s absurd disgusting outrageous.

  • 2. Snidley wrote:

    Tell them to eat less cholent and p’tcha on shabbos and there’ll be no more plumbing problems….

  • 3. meir rhodes bat ayin israel wrote:

    only one solution, levi Hecht , the world famous sewer doctor!


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