Red Tape Delays City’s First Kosher Smokehouse

Izzy Eidelman hoped to open Izzy’s BBQ Addiction open by Fall 2014. But city inspections, bureaucracy and special equipment have delayed his efforts to open the city’s first Kosher smokehouse.

From the NY Daily News:

When Izzy Eidelman announced plans to open the city’s first kosher smokehouse, Jewish gourmands began to salivate.

But six months later and counting, the Crown Heights eatery still doesn’t have an opening date due to a multitude of pitfalls and a slew of city inspections still needed.

“We thought we’d be able to get this done quickly,” said Eidelman, 27, a Crown Heights native who says he was inspired by the “Wandering Que,” a popular popup purveyor of Kosher barbecue, to get into the business.

He expected to have Izzy’s BBQ Addiction opened by the fall, and says he never could have anticipated the delays.

“The process working with the city is just really slow. They make it really hard on small businesses.”

He’s not alone.

In a city that thrives on “instant,” it takes more than seven months, on average, for most restaurants and small businesses to launch, city records show.

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  • 1. Kosher Dining Capital wrote:

    Crown Heights is rapidly becoming the kosher dining capital of the world.

    • 2. oh really? wrote:

      …Better than Paris? The finest cuisine in the world is found in the 11213 vicinity? Fat chance my friend :)

  • 5. declasse intellectual wrote:

    # 2 are you for real???????
    #1 get real–Most East European Jewish cooking is absolutely flat and the cooks here are unable to replicate other ethnic cooking. I speak from experience as I worked in a five star establishment

  • 6. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

    Crown Heights is NOT a place for tasty food. But the bakeries are o.k.

  • 7. oy! wrote:

    I hope there no Jewish gourmands-which is defined as” a person devoted to eating and drinking, esp to excess”. Can’t be frum and do that! Gourmet was the word intended, do ya think-still not much of an improvement. We can eat and enjoy without making it making it the reason for living. Or to put it differently, we can put fur boots on our feet, but we shouldn’t put our head or heart into them.

    • 8. CR wrote:

      It is no accident that the words “Epicurean” and “Apikoros” come from the same origin.

  • 9. declasse intellectual wrote:

    two questions: where is the proposed establishment to be located??
    will he do fish along with the meat–masgiach’s dream world???

  • 10. Be a mentch wrote:

    #3, #6, Be A Mentch! #2 asked a reasonable question wanting to know what a smokehouse is? If you don’t know, keep quiet. If you do know answer like a mentch.
    Don’t be juvenile.


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