Lubavitcher Boy Competes in Classical Music Contest

Pinchas Antal, a 14-year-old Lubavitcher boy from Montreal, has entered a classical music contest being hosted by the CBC (Canada’s national public broadcaster). His entry video, in which he artfully performs an 8-minute-long classical piece on a grand piano, can be viewed in the extended article.

You can support Pinchas by voting for his entry here.


  • 3. Whaat? I'm confused wrote:

    I have nothing against music, but weren’t we taught in yeshiva that Goyishe music has a negative influence on the neshama? So, if this is okay, I would like him to play Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” You may like it too.

    • 4. Musica wrote:

      Stravinsky is an option in the future. If you like other composers Liszt, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninnoff, etc you can find other videos of his on YouTube.

  • 5. Montrealers wrote:

    Superb ! This was truly a feat for a 14 year old boy.
    In addition to a heavy yeshiva schedule he excels in his playing. Amazing dedication ! Yosher Koach

  • 7. Musica wrote:

    He is half a day in mesifta, practices music, and homeschooled the other half which does allow time for music. He has a talent which he is using out in a positive way while not compromising on the values we hold dear (see Rabbi Jacobson for his comments about playing music)

    The contest runs till tomorrow night. The top ten vote getters will be judged by a music panel with the winner offered a new piano, and a recording session, and an opportunity to play with an orchestra.

    But to get there Pinchas needs your vote and support.

    So please spread the word and vote at

    Thank you,
    Pinchas’s father

    • 8. Fan in Detroit wrote:

      Today, there is no place to vote on the contest website. Only the 10 finalists appear under “Entries” & there is no spot to indicate a vote for any of them. So I presume that the 3 judges will decide the winner from the 10 finalists.

      Best of luck to Pinchas in his budding musical career! He makes wonderful music.

  • 9. Crown heights Is proud wrote:

    Superbly played , coming from a family of music this is top expertise in piano The Rebbe always said “you can reach others to encourage yiddishkeit With using this talent . Don’t stop its a kiddish Hashem

  • 10. Tzipi wrote:

    so happy to see this appreciated!!! Such talent and dedication! No stirah between being a pianist and Lubavitcher!!!

  • 11. YMG wrote:

    I look forward to hearing all of his recordings. Very nice to listen too. Well done, young man!
    Also it says a lot for homeschooling.

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    He Plays very nice. But how much nicer would it be to see a lubavitcher boy playing Chassidishe nigunim?!… and use he’s musical talants for the right things…

  • 13. musical fan wrote:

    Wishing Pinchas the very best! What an immense talent! Yishar Koach! We intend to attend the Chapelle concert in November. Wonder how come he has been exposed to classical music, as this is not that usual for a frum boy – when did he discover it and how did he go about pursuing this interest to this point?


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