New Tzfatim, Same Old Behavior

60 new ‘Kvutzeh’ Bochurim from the Yeshiva in Tzfas arrived in 770 on Sunday, and were quick to make sure that all were aware of their presence. A reader of this website sent us a shocking photo of what kind of people the Crown Heights community is expected to host for the coming year.

These pamphlets of the Rebbe’s talks were torn in half, not by rogue Satmar Chassidim in 1977, nor students of Ponevezh in Bnei Brak, but by people who claim to be Chassidim of the Rebbe.

Why did these ‘Tzfatim’ rip apart booklets of the Rebbe’s Torah?

Because there were references made after the Rebbe’s name which imply that he is no longer living physically in this world.

If the Rebbe’s words are treated this way in his own home, it seems logical to reason that the treatment of others by these people will be no different than what we’ve grown accustomed to over the past several years.

The wait for normalcy to return to 770 will continue for yet another year.


  • detremental to the us

    why doesnt anyone call the INS? are we waiting for someone to get hurt again?

  • Deport every one

    G-d help Bais Moshiach or Hendels goons or any of these lunatics who call me to host these sick ******** for Tishrei. Let them sleep in the sewers where they belong. Get them out of my sight, Crown Heights already stinks from them and they’ve only been here 2 minutes.

    Don’t you holier-than-thou types dare preach at me that it’s Elul. I know it’s Elul better than you. I also know my Rebbe would never allow this behavior.I blame the Hanhala of 770 for getting them visas, they are encouraging the terrorists.

  • Sara

    Can something be done about the administration at that yeshiva? I spent the year in Tzfat and we had amazing, NORMAL chassidishe teachers, none of this nonsense.

  • disappointed

    why is it only bad news Rechilus & Lashon HArah about them??We need to looka t the positives such as their faith & belief Emunah in Moshiach & they are entitled to their opinion of the Rebbe as Mh“m especailly since the Rebbe himself said so in different places. Just out of Curiosity did any of you whiners & compaliners bearers & spreaders of only bad news bad things to say about anyone you decide doesn’t fit your ideals etc. Bother to at least read the first 2 sichos in the Yechi Hamelech pamphelet from LAst Shabbos? iF you don’t want to read it from there the first sicha is from Yud Gimmel Elul 5748 & the second from Yud Eleul 5751 Read TheRebbe MH”M’s words for your self!! By the way are any of you big shoits big mouths ready to put your money where your mouth is? Ready to prove you are willing to provide positive xamples be role models? Are any of you prepared to walk four hours or at least come & spend a Shabbos or Rosh Hashanah to ensure that other Yidden have a Minyan to Daaven with??? Put your money where your mouth is !!!!!!!!!! I guarantee many of them are & many from the past Kvutza have done so more then once!!!

  • Avrahom

    The Rosh Yeshiva should sent back all the fanatics who think their way is the only way. If he can not do it let him resign and let Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky take his place and deal with it.

  • To #9

    That’s right, because of the good things they do, we should respect them, give them visas, and let them violently terrorize and disrespect all those who DARE believe a little differently than them including those who dare work tirelessly to publish and spread the Rebbe’s torah and all the other Bochurim in 770 who learn and have a koch in the Rebbe’s mivtzoim etc .

  • to#9

    smoking the piece pipe with these animals doesn’t work, whose kidding who!

    deport them!

  • To #9

    Add to the list disrespecting and fighting the hanhala, the very ones who arrange for the visas for these good wonderful terrorists to come here.

  • to #9 disappointed

    You had the opportunity right here to write something positive about them and all you do is complain!

  • a resident

    close down eshel the big supporter of them and deport hendel. He took parnassa from many of residents who have short stay and causing machlokes in the community. Deport him and meshichists with him . we are sick and tired of them.

  • Milhouse

    #9, If they tear the Rebbe’s sichos then I don’t care what so-called good they do, it’s all from the sitra achra.

  • to #9

    And no one should even try to control or discipline them, because the good things they do show how they are without fault and everything they do is out of holiness and part of the message and work to bring Moshiach, but it’s nothing bad chas v’sholom, it’s actually a sign of a kiddush hashem and good midos in uprooting all evil and Klipa that comes from those who believe differently than them. It’s just that those who didn’t have the same mashpiim as them are behind in the times, and are in a state of golus and interpret the violence as something bad. The antis are so behind that they don’t even realize that what they think is hafotzas hamaayonos etc is really adding to the golus and comes from klipa.

  • to #9

    even punishing them for specific incidents would just be slowing down the process of the geula that these Tzadikim Gemurim and sweet boys are doing.

  • Incredulous

    #9 Are you giving an excuse or rationalization for the tearing up of the Sicha from the Rebbe?

  • Ann

    Its not about being right or wrong, it is about respect.

    They come here and have to respect that not everyone agrees with them.

  • mn770

    Why are you lying! this is only the cover of misochos! not the text, it was taken from gniza!

  • Out if town

    This is part of the reason I don’t come to 770 anymore, nor will I allow my sins to learn there.

  • Yakov

    3 people should take the Rosh Yeshivah to a din Torah for bringing over trouble makers. Lets see what the Beis Din will decide.

  • Wow!!!

    Wow, and what do they do when they get angry with one another?

    ….and it says, Gd’s loves the entire community!!!

  • just wondering

    please open up those pages and take another photo and show us the torn up sichos inside.
    it looks like they took off the covers and that is what was ripped. if the sichos themselves were ripped then that is what we need to see. please be honest and tell all the facts.

  • stop these silly comments and posts

    if you think help is needed posting it on these websites will definitely not do the job just creates machlokes and unnecessary high blood pressure. the picture is of a cover so some stupid bochurim did this (stupid and bad behavior) but it happens in yeshivos all over the world no one ripped an actual sicha.

    The Rebbe taught us to love love and love. you want to fight negativity even in 770 u do it with love. fighting never brings peaceful results.

    now back to life….

  • Monkey-s

    You can take a monkey out of the zoo, but you can’t take the zoo out of the monkey.

  • so upset

    These people need a detox facility where Rabbi wilschansky of Tzfat and other cult leaders must not be allowed to visit. My suggestion is to deport them back and have an ambulance waiting at Ben Gurion. As far as the cult leaders, they need to be ostracised and exiled to placesd like Ghana or Nigeria.

  • Concerned in MA

    To #22: ……It looks like the fine young fellows in the photo beat everyone to the Kool-Aid. Oh no, it was electric Kool-Aid! It’s not their upbringing, attitude, or lack of common civility that makes them behave like that….it’s that darn spiked Kool-Aid!
    I think that the Rebbe would be impressed….NOT!

  • to #9

    I did all of the above (and I still do) and what I get from your friends is spit, shoving, shout-outs and curses, and best of all, when they see anyone talk to me they go to him and scream at him how dare he talk to me.

    So this is how they treat someone who believes in EVERYTHING they believe in, except for any form of violence like tearing Sichos or disturbing all other Minyonim while they dance for hours (or half hours), or gulping down bottles of beer with pizza on the Rebbe’s holy Farbrengen place, or riding scooters in front of the Aron Kodesh and have color-war-like cheering while they distribute awards to themselves every few days while we are trying to Daven and learn in Beis-Chayeinu-Beis-Moshiach-770.

    I don’t know whose fault it is, I only know who does it and what they do. If you like it, good for you, I don’t, neither do many others (including most Crown Heights Meshichisten) who abandoned 770 because of such behavior.

  • dovid

    thats it im done….this is sick….i was asked to allow bocurim to stay in my basement for tishrei..forget it…i want to find out who harbors these animals,,,whomever is affiliated with these coons is no less a terrorist. i don’t care whom they are…something has to be done now!!!….its probably a good idea to gather their names…give them 72 hours to go back home or else ask yeshiva to forfeit their i20’s and call the ins…don’t want them here go back home….how can a bochour do something so low like this,,,let alone so called lubavitcher bochour….sick and getting sicker….

  • meir

    to the idiot who wrote: is it a cover or a sicha?
    whats the difference kakker…? its the rebbes sicha the rebbe torah…when this is done its a mockery on the rebbe…what the heck is the difference between sicha cover and sicha…

  • rules?

    who runs this “yeshiva”? in any other school, this type of behaviour, whether it is done during school hours or not, would result in expulsion or serious punishment. Why is this institution so different?

  • Sholom Dovber

    We are presently leaderless.
    When we address that issue…. however painful it may be, then these issues will automatically find there resolution.
    Chabad will split, which cannot be helped.

  • wow

    why are you accusing them?? you dont even see anyones faces in the picture of the torn panphlet!



  • To #9 the Liberal Meshichist

    “Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of facts, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s false and something that’s true, something that is outright wrong or right.

    Dear Mr. #9 the Liberal Meshichist,

    Your premise that “they also do some good”, is straight out false. All those giving into this premise are also making a mistake.

    Any “good” that they do gets nullified by the bad they do (and they do plenty bad…read: http://whoisshmira.wordpres…).

    One Chillul Hashem can ruin the many Kiddush Hashem others have done. It take lot’s of time, man power, effort, hard-work, toil etc… to build something up, but it takes only a small fraction of the time and manpower to destroy.

    These Meshichistim must be defeated!!!!

  • Goodbye Tzfatis, Hello Nazis

    Talking to a relative of mine who came from Israel for Gimmul Tammuz, when discussing (amongst many things) the Meshichist movement in Israel, he mentioned that the Tzfat Yeshiva ran by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshansky has been moving away from being extreme Meshichistim in recent years. He went on to explain that Wilshansky is not excepting these crazy Meshichist terrorist in his Yeshiva anymore and in a few short years there will be no sign that meshichistim have ever been there. Instead Wilshansky sends the crazies to a new meshichist Yeshiva located Nazareth Illit (נצרת עילית).

    Exit Question: If until now we called the Meshichistim coming out of the Tzfat Yeshiva “Tzfatis”, what do we call the meshichistim coming out of the Meshichist Yeshiva located in Nazareth, do we call them “Nazis”?



    Nazareth, could be translated into Ntzrot (Christianity).
    “Jesus of Nazareth”

    Meshichistim have gone back to their roots.

  • Dovid Hamelech

    (10) “For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, ”They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place. (T:95)

  • Students of Rebbe acting as they should

    The students of Rebbe (Rebbi Yehudah Hanasi) announced that ANYONE who says “Rebbe died” will be pierced with a sword. No one called Rebbe’s students terrorist or murderers. Ripping a sefer that says Rebbe died is much less than of an avleh than ripping a person with a sword!

  • Cure.

    All of you.
    They separate themselves by being themselves.
    They are not crazy because they are mishachist, they are mishachist because they are crazy. No one judges the rebbis chassidim based on them without wanting to insult the rebbi albeit in a cowardly oblique way.
    Let those who want to stumble stumble.
    The cure for theier madness is thier madness. . .
    Nothing would disappoint them more then moshiach, i.e. truth.
    Focus on yourselves and let the story play out, we are not the authors in this matter but caricatures trapped within the page.

  • I am number 9

    I am so sorry for what I said. I was on medication and was shiker with those guys last night. I completely regret anything I have said before. These guys are crazy and we should deport them as they stole all my money and my cell phone. I fear that I have caused so much trouble by saying what I said. Being that it is chodesh elul I beg mechilah from all of you and I forgive anyone who hates me right now.

    A gut gebenched yor to all.

  • To #46 the Tzfati

    You are one of them. Get outta here. We don’t want you. You twist the words of Torah and distort sichos. #46 is a tfati who writes english – scary!!

  • nn

    Never in the history of our Rebbeim, did any such behaviour happen. Where in the writings about Moshiach does it say anything about flags and behaviour that belongs to chayos.

    Why are Chabad Chassidim sitting by like lambs (how was our reaction to the Nazis any different than silent, go like sheep)and allowing generations of Holy Rebbes to be trashed and their writings to be torn by no others, but, people who do not have the capacity to appreciate holiness, holy writings and teachings, and the desecration thereof.

    May we merit the coming of Moshiach with a desperate plea for the honor of our Holy Rebbes. AD MASAI

  • cheap smokes

    I like the Tzfatim because they supply me and my friends with cheap smokes. Keep up the good work. They don’t care that I am under 16. Just don’t tell my folks about it.

  • to 17 and 9

    You could probably call me a “Mashichist”. As I believe not only in Moshiach but that the Rebbe is Moshiach AND that the Rebbe shlita is STILL with us on a DAILY basis.But two -or -three wrongs DON’t make one right! It is 100% WRONG to tear up a sicha of the Rebbe’s regardless of the fact that someone may have written something not to my liking!!Rather than condemn them all to _ _ _ _ we should try to talk to their hanhalah in Israel and to the guys thenmselves and explain that their derech is NOT in accordance with the DERECH of the REbbe MH”M. And furthermore, It must give the Rebbe alot of AGMUS NEFESH to see them behave in this manner. I have witnessed an Israeli bochur belittling an older chossid because he was not of his mindset and I made a point of going up to this bochur (even though I am a woman) and in a gentle tone explained to him that his tafkid here is to learn and to bring some chayus to 770 but not to be involved in any politics. and in answer to his but, but, I firmly told him that this was something for the REBBE TO DEAL WITH HIMSELF! and not for any of us to get involved in! We will get ALOT further with honey than with feffer, Lets try to befriend them and teach them that there is anoter way to deal with things. They are NOT monsters, just misguided kids. and yes, it is Elul. We all want to be judged favorably by Hashem so let’s try to do the same, And number 9 if you were shikker how do you know what really happened to your money and cell phone???

  • To 44

    Love the post. The first sense of normalcy I have heard in a long time, coming out of lubavitch.

  • WOW

    everyone calm down
    you are giving them the attention they want
    im sure the rebbe wouldnt want us to respond like this

  • Milhouse

    It makes no difference if it was only the title page. The title page of a sefer deserves the same kovod as the text. Tearing up the cover of the Rebbe’s sicha is the same as spitting in his face. And no, this does NOT happen in every yeshivah.

    #46, you show your amhoratzus. Rebbi was dead. There was no doubt about it. The Talmud makes no bones about it. The rabbonon just didn’t want to hear the news. And make no mistake, had they carried through on their threat of violence to the messenger they would have been terrorists and murderers. There would have been no heter for it. But of course they didn’t and wouldn’t have done it, because they were not resho’im, unlike these hooligans who would definitely not cavil at such a thing.

  • Mavin

    <i>Exit Question: If until now we called the Meshichistim coming out of the Tzfat Yeshiva “Tzfatis”, what do we call the meshichistim coming out of the Meshichist Yeshiva located in Nazareth, do we call them “Nazis”?</i>

  • To M

    Milhouse strikes again! With his clear, concise and extremely correct comments. From one article to the next we can always count on Milhouse to give a little more than the Article does on its own. Keep up the good work!

    What I wonder though is if Milhouse is actually one person or a group of different extremely smart people that all use that Alias.

  • Rebecca

    This is a perfect example of too much chesed and not enough gevorah.
    These boys are all holy neshamas but they don’t belong in 770 where they wreak havoc with no boundaries.
    Maybe they should be split up and sent 1 or 2 all over the world where they will pick up the habits of those communities.
    It’s like allowing a baby to eat nothing but candy.
    No boundaries.
    Boys this age desperately need boundaries.
    No one is doing them any favours by allowing this.

  • y spring

    Thank G-d for the labor day parade.

    The mishichtim loved it. 5000 the is moshiach cards
    were distributed!

    Expect him any day now.

    so pitiful.

  • Californian Shliach

    Milhouse, Just want to say I really love you!! You bring and clarity and truth that is rarely seen on these sites. May Hashem bless you with a KvC’T in gashmiyus and ruchniyus. I wish I knew you in person.

  • Richard Nixon

    Hey Milhouse, Richard Nixon is back……. I always knew that he’ll never give up

  • scared

    I’m frightened by these comments. So many sound like crude haters. Aren’t we Jews supposed to be erlich? Many of the commentaries sound as out of order as the people they are so furious at. Eg seeing a word like “coons” takes me back to the loshan used in lynchings.
    I am appalled and ashamed.

  • David

    Rabbi Brod is bringing them in. Whoever does not want them in 770 should complain to him and ask him to revoke the visa’s.

  • The Haters - You Guys

    Is there so much hatred in Crown Heights – no wonder it is going down fast. This type of hatred cannot be good for a community. I like the Tzfatim! I like their untamed enthusiasm for yiddishkeit. An enthusiasm that seems to have been petrified in yesteryear by the haters (you guys). I would like to meet some of the haters (you guys) face to face to see what they (you) actually look like in real life. Are they (you) the scornful frowning inhabitants who charge around with an air of judgement and discontent glaring at passer byres without retuning a smile? Are they (you) seething in dark corners complaining incessantly about those that are not quite on par with their (your) lofty standards? Reading these comments they (you) are the exact people (person) that comes to mind. The Haters – You Guys!

  • Zvi Shmuel Naiman

    See this link :
    As far as they are concerned we are all nuts. In their opinion we all share the same sin: Having the “Chutspa” to believe the Rebbe can be Moshiach . Before Gimel Tamuz or after.

    Let’s focus on Ahavas Chinam , love your Meshichist D.I.B.
    just like that.
    for no seen reason. For free