Fathers Become 6th Graders for a Day

Being that Thursday was a legal holiday when many parents were not at work, Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Principal of Grades 5-6 in Oholei Torah, thought it an excellent opportunity to host an ‘Open Classroom Day,’ where fathers were invited to actually become talmidim alongside their sons.

The fathers participated in the class, answered questions and worksheets, learned b’chavarusa with their son and even stayed for recess. Well over 70% of the fathers of sixth grade joined for the gemorah shiur, and walked away with a greater understanding of how the classroom works, but more importantly a greater appreciation for the Rebbeim and their teaching methods.

Many fathers were simply amazed at how the classes are interactive and engaging, and how much has changed since they were talmidim back in the day.

One father was hesitant to join at the beginning, but after the morning class, he quickly realized how much he gained, and how proud his son was that he joined.

Special thanks to Rabbi Zev Weinstein, Rabbi Dovber Blau, Rabbi Yitzchok Klein and Rabbi Naftoli Minkowitz, who hosted the fathers of their students in their sixth grade classrooms.

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  • 1. Notice wrote:

    Please send home notices next time. We only heard about it after our son came home. He forgot to tell us
    Looks like it was very successful .looking forward to the next one!

  • 3. Finally wrote:

    Imagine our kids are in school every day for 6 or more hours and we have no idea whats happening
    in the class room i think this should be available much more often to know a little bit the teacher and know how the class is being run.

    Thank you for main it happening it should be done more often

  • 6. Yitzchok wrote:

    Give credit where the credit is due!
    Rebbi Lustig took this idea from his uncle Rabbi Zalman Karp from ULY Crown, who has been doing this for years already.
    Kol Hakovod R Z Karp. You make a difference not only in ULY, but in other Yeshivas too! Much Hatzlocho.

  • 7. The visionary wrote:

    What about those children who don’t have fathers or they were unable to attend , I don’t think it was fun for them

    • 8. huh? wrote:

      Following this logic: Abolish ALL parental programs in schools or camps because some kids do not have parents or their parents cannot attend. Example: No more avos u’bonim – father/son learning programs…

    • 9. K wrote:

      Maybe we need to edit the Aseres Hadibros, you know, the part about Kibud Av v;Eim, because as you “wisely” point out, “What about those children who don’t have fathers…?”

  • 13. substitute wrote:

    Perhaps the school can arrange with a bochur, older brother, grandfather, relative or someone from staff to sit with those boys who don’t have a father lo aleinu. Even though its not a substitute at least they don’t have to sit alone.
    However, I saw quite a few boys there who sat alone, not just one. I assume their father couldn’t make it.
    That is one of the reasons that campers in one camp are taken out, on visiting day.

    • 14. Shaliach wrote:

      I am on shalichus in a place that does not offer a chassidishe chinuch. I send my son to CH at great expense – financially and emotionally.

      My son is not “over” sensitive when given a school paper that needs to be signed by “parents”, but he was bothered greatly when the school had planned an evening of “fathers-sons learning”.

      He cried to me on the phone. “Tatty, you are doing the Rebbe’s shlichus learning with others, but who will learn with me?”

      I told him helplessly and with a sigh, “The Rebbe is with us on our shlichus and he will learn with you.”

      At the “fathers and sons learning evening” my son attended and learned. On the chair sitting opposite him was a picture of the Rebbe!

    • 15. WOW! wrote:

      I just read your comment and your son is a true shaliach. I was moved to tears: He learns with the Rebbe! Wow!

    • 16. Local wrote:

      I am blown away by the comment from shaliach. I never heard anything so inspirational.


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