Three Lubavitchers Arrested in FBI Drug Sting

Three Lubavitcher men from Crown Heights, ages 47, 30 and 27, were arrested by FBI agent for allegedly attempting to purchase 50 pounds of marijuana and store it in an Atlantic Avenue warehouse.

The New York Post reports that one allegedly met the undercover agent at a Brooklyn hotel to hand over the cash on Wednesday, while the other two allegedly arrived at the warehouse to inspect the marijuana and talk business.

The three were arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday, and will have their cases transferred to Texas to face drug charges there.

The three were released on $500,000 bail pending their appearance in federal court.


  • rediculous

    Nothing to do with this case in particular but its ridiculous that we’re putting People in jail, and paying for their stay for something that’s legal in a few States and will definitely soon be completely legal and laughed at like we laugh at prohibition.


      >Tax Evasion<.

      And apparently they were also involved in selling cigarettes.

      With all this cash flow, there must be a major money laundering scheme taking place.

      I have a feeling there's going to be many more arrest.

    • Milhouse

      Prohibition is a good example to bring up for another reason: during prohibition rabbis were allowed to sell wine to their congregants, and many highly respected rabbonim used this exemption to do a roaring trade in alcohol to all comers, both Jewish and not. Hardly anybody thought less of them for it.

  • Aryehleib Joseph

    #3 Like Chana Cohen said, tehillim. And they may need a defense fund. And right from the get go it is my understanding that being accused of a crime ( not a crime in many states) does not lessen the primary importance of Pidyon Shavuyim. #bringourboyshomefromTexas

  • jewish dude

    Can we help them? They need kosher food and a rabbi. Good lawyer would not heart either.

  • ch mother

    When I gave up my comfortable life in the suburbs to marry and raise a family in CH I sure wasn’t considering that years later when I had kids my teenage son would become a heavy pot user. It is so easy for him to stretch out his hand and someone will put something in it be it at noon or midnight. He only buys from Jews since they carry better stuff. A He has also come to believe that selling is easy money,As my son says the stuff sure doesn’t make him any smarter I have heartache each day over this one. These three men should stay in jail. It is despicable that anyone should have posted bail or is acting as legal counsel. These 3 men have ruined my son’s life and mine too!

    • Steven

      9 flippant or stupid comments then one comment that hits it on the head. First our Rabbis teach our kids how good it is to get drunk in the name of Chassidus, then they become alcoholics. Then they move on to drugs. Alcoholics and druggies, great nachos from frum kids.

    • A upset individual

      All of you have major issues, just because someone smokes pot or drinks doesn’t make them drug addicts or alcoholics, is up to you, you said them to these rabbis to get drunk then complain, after they get drunk they try some pot, weed has a lot of good properties, and some bad ones, like anything in this world, you can smoke pot and be a genius, or you can not smoke or drink, it’s all about you, what your son decides to do, all you hear about pot Is what you want, only bad always bad, that’s not true it has a lot of good properties, these three guys did do something illegal (which by the way Is ridiculous) so yes they should go to jail, but because they are Jewish, part of one big nation, the whole principles behind Judaism, every Jew should try and help them, people make mistakes, hell I’m sure you made dozens upon dozens, but you came back stronger, smarter, and not likely to make it again, it’s hard out there, jobs, the economy, it’s insane, so don’t be so high and mighty to blame them for your poor parenting, thank you and have a good day


    First Offense: Not more than 5 yrs. Fine not more than $250,000, $1 million if other than an individual.

    Second Offense: Not more than 10 yrs. Fine

  • CH is expensive.

    Living in crown heights is so expensive that wd must now turn to this, I don’t get the big problem either, we see other people smoking this stuff publicly, one a Jew gets involved, then for some reason it becomes a problem.

    • Dov

      Seriously? How ignorant and paranoid can one be? Blacks get arrested disproportionately for drug crimes, and certainly not yiddin.


      I can’t describe how ignorant and naive your comment is.

      #1 Just because “everybody” does it, does not make it right.

      #2 They weren’t busted for smoking weed, they were busted to selling and tax evasion.

      #3 It’s a federal case, they sat on them for months and months before busting them. They were caught red handed.

      #4 Don’t make this an antisemitic thing…for g-ds sake, they were caught red handed.

      Besides, I agree with some of the comments above, regarding this stuff reaching the hands of our children.

      Good riddance to them.

    • Anonymous

      “Once a Jew gets involved it becomes a problem”


      buying commercial amounts of illegal substance to distribute wouldn’t be a problem for anyone else to do?

      what if the men were black and they would be selling to the youth of CH. you would prob want the death penalty for them.

      Save the Anti Semitic card for when it counts.

  • our chidren win

    At the end of the day our children are better off now. These three would have sold a big chunk to our children in our neighborhood. And to number 1 if it was legal they would have been putting their money in heroin or cocaine.

    I understand the need for money but our families and children should come first. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to all kids in our. Neighborhood to stay away from drugs.

  • Joke

    1. chillel Hashem
    lets face it, its embarrassing when a frum Jew gets arrested for anything let alone for drugs.
    2. however, with that said, please its just pot, the whole America is trying to get it legalized and it is in other states.
    3. they let murderer’s and rapist out with less fuss and muss.
    $500,000 bail are you kidding me for 50 lbs. really?
    its ridiculous.

    • A pissed individual

      With 2 and 3 I agree with, 1 not so much, just because someone is Jewish doesn’t make them perfect, so the Only one who should be embarrassed is the people criticizing them

    • Milhouse

      It’s not a chilul haShem. Why would it be? As you say, hardly anybody really thinks what they did is bad, so where’s the chilul haShem?

      In any case, the definiton of chilul haShem is succumbing to pressure to do an aveira. Kidush haShem means resisting pressure to do an aveira. It has nothing to do with seeking approval from those whose values are not defined by the Torah.

    • awacs

      “t’s not a chilul haShem. Why would it be?”

      Because smoking marijuana is (arguably) an aveira, selling it is (again, arguably) lifnai evair, so wouldn’t you call that ‘succumbing to pressure to do an aveira?’

    • awacs

      But if your point, Milhouse, is that the Controlled Substances Act is irrelevant to the discussion of kiddush hashem and its antonym, then, I agree with you.

    • Milhouse

      What aveira could smoking marijuana (not on shabbos!) be? How is it halachically different from alcohol?

      (If citing sources, please confine yourself to ones by people who actually knew what they were talking about; there are some teshuvos out there by prominent poskim who made incredibly ignorant assumptions about the metzius.)

  • wow

    If they were purchasing to use, I may feel sorry for them, but to purchase and sell to others, I have no mercy.

  • Thanks big government

    What are the consequences of the american drug war and the cost to the tax payer?

    1- what will happen now is that we will have to handle the burden of a costly court case.

    2- We will have to support the families of these people for 5 years.

    3- we will have to house these people in jail.

    all this will cost us money so the govermment can claim they are protecting us.

    Drugs are a persons choice the goverenment should not be dictating what a person can put in their body.

    lets support these people and show that we still care for our own and we dont support a government that wants to get involved and control every aspect of our lives.

  • TO # 10 & #14

    Any person/animal that sells drugs to yeshivah boys should have the book thrown at them…..

    • A pissed individual

      You know you’re right, these people are forcing your kids to smoke just rolling a J and making them do it, no your kids are decided what they want to do it.

      Drugs should not be distributed by a random person, it should be by a proper authority’s that little 16 years can’t get it, but we all know the wouldn’t help either, it’s your job to tell your kids not to do them, don’t make up stories about drugs that are all bad, tell them the truth, if they to do it, in the end it’s their life and you can’t stop them

  • They made millions

    Selling cigarettes from VIrginia here.

    When they made money they didnt share with us why share now when they are caught.

    There is no mitzvah of Pidyon Shevuon when they knew what they were doing was totally illegal and would they take me on a trip to Hawaii

    They must live up to there mistakes. They made money now they loose money and years of there life fighting this.

    they were taped its an open and shut case


      I couldn’t agree more to your comment. 100% on the ball.

      When they made money, they didn’t give to our yeshivas and chesed organizations, the kept it for themselves.

      Let them take care of themselves now.

    • Milhouse

      How do you know they didn’t help anyone when they had money? I don’t know them at all, maybe you do. But even so, you can’t always know what someone gives, or to whom. There is such a thing as matan baseiser.

      Also, who told you there is no mitzvah of pidyon shevuyim when someone took a foolish risk and is suffering the consequences? In the days when travellers were kidnapped by pirates or highwaymen and sold into slavery, did we tell them it was their own fault for willingly assuming the risks of travel?!

      When a lifelong smoker gets sick, do we not have an obligation to help him, or can we say it’s his own fault and leave him be? If someone crosses the road without looking, and is hit by a car, do we wash our hands of him, or do we have an obligation to help him?

  • 48 yr in the hood,

    3 yiden need to make parnosa
    sitting is part of the job to make parnosa
    like a shocet goes to pa. to sheact
    so there going to texas
    nu .

  • Why tehililm?

    Save your tehillim for people who really need it. Not for these scammers taking up section 8 apartments that should go to people who REALLY need them.

    • Paying 2K per month in rent and not selling drugs

      I totally agree this is the most frustrating thing with all this that the 47 year old lived in a section 8 app. while walking around with 95K to spend on drugs, instead of opening a legit business to help the community. I hope Hashem has rachmanus on them.

  • enraged

    This story makes me angrier the more i think about it. WHere are these idiots sechel? They know they will be caught. I know some of you reading these comments are involved in this gross behavior, you should know that you too will be caught and cause a big chilul hashem.

    Shame on the Rubashkins for bailing them out. Im disgusted they used the pidyon shvuyim funds for R’ Shalom for these lowlifes.

    And according to the news article, a campus shaliach posted bail for one of them? And where do shluchim get money besides donors? Money donated for Torah and Kiruv is being misused by shluchim all the time for personal things, but this is disgusting.

    These lowlifes knew the disgusting effects of drugs in the community, shame shame shame on them may they find a nice room mate in prison.

  • @# 10

    I totally agree with u. What r we teaching the next generation? ? How can young children think this is ok & they can get away with this??

  • To #1

    It’s a problem because it is illegal in New York. End of story. Doesn’t matter if it’s allowed in other states, and even in the states where they allow it, it’s under certain regulations. Even in legal states, this situation would prove problematic.

    (P.S. Just a tip: SPELLCHECK.)


      Because the realty is that this story is out there, its already published in the world wide media. Sticking your head in the sand will not make it go away.

      Let this be a lesson to all that read.

    • ? WHAT

      so should be a deterrent for others

      Please people selling pot in CH stop it or go somewhere else you are ruining the schunah

  • Glad they are caught.

    All drug DEALERS, which are supplying drugs to our children (not “innocently smoking a joint on the corner”), should be punished to the full extent of the law, hopefully with “minimum sentence” laws, plus tax evasion and laundering, they will sit a long time.

    They happen to be Jewish? so what. On the contrary. They are the ones selling to our children, feeding them drugs, they should be considered Rotzchim.
    If a Jewish person was raping or killing jewish people, would you raise funds to get them out?!

    No sympathy for such scum.


      In fact, because they are frum Jews we would expect better from them, they should know better.

      There sin is doubled as a result.

    • Where is the concern for our innocent children??

      WELL SAID!!!!! I am so sick of hearing that when Jews do anything illegal, we need to help them get off, whether we raise money for them or fight for their freedom! WHY is it okay for them to commit crimes but never have to face the consequences? By these idiots SELLING to our children, NOT just smoking it themselves, they are hurting our children. Should we save the perpetrators but not have one ounce of care how it harms our children???

      By bailing these guilty adults out, you clearly choose to protect them and care zero about innocent children!

    • A pissed individual

      To 55 how to do you know they were selling to kids were you there did you see it I didn’t think so maybe they didn’t sell to kids or if they did you should raise your kid smart enough not to do it so just please be quite

    • Just Me!

      Totally agreed – yes its ours but to hell with that thinking – ask any hatszola guy the affects of this crap on our youth.
      ye sure so its legal in some places – idiots – read about the side effects it has on so many….

  • This is because of tsnius

    Because girls are not tznius this is happening! What are we doing to stop this??

    First gaza, now this??? Please cover your knees ASAP

    • female

      You are obsessed! Do you seriously believe that these males who are drug dealers are like that because some women aren’t tznius? There’s a name for people like you.

    • can o bliss

      I actually agree, tzneus is a factor.

      I can tell you first hand the dangers of a non jewish drug dealer, friends if mine were given hard drugs, where alll they wanted was weed, they ended up being addicts very sooon after. And another, a girl was raped…

      Its amazing the libertarian response here, also, re comments about hard drugs: economics show that as resrixtions are lifted, prices drop and quality improves, and ppl tend to favor less stong drugs/ alcohol, its call the “iron law of prohibition”

      Check YouTube for ” prohibition through the eyes of homer Simpson”

      There us also a new book out called ” homer economicus”

      Re drugs in general, yeah there bad, and they arw symptomatic of other issues, which need to be adressed.

    • 1bigcholent

      Yes now i understand why my shabbat cholent gets burnt every week, its because of tznius.

  • Soxfan

    According to the full article in the Post, on of them showed up with $95,000 in cash. There goes his defense fund, unless he’s hiding more drug money somewhere. These guys are no better than the Colombian drug lords they aspired to be.

  • Very Sad

    This gives a whole new meaning to “High Holidays”
    very sad that grown men with families were involved.

  • its very tough

    Before all judge. Am sure they wouod rather not get them selfs in such a mss at the same time ti make a living can be very challenging that someone can get carried away. May hashem grand them easy and find straight living hood. Etc. I feel for them.


      I found that people who justify and excuse criminal behavior, are only doing so to protect themselves from judgment of their own criminal behavior.

      You are not justifying them, you are justifying yourself.

      Now I ask you, what illegal activity are you involved in?

  • Thanks dummies

    Thanks for giving CH another black eye. How stupid are they to think they would get away with this. A shanda for their families.

  • Ahem

    Pidyon Shvuyim fund? First of all these men broke the law. Second if they had almost $100,000 to buy this stuff, then let them shell out that money now instead on their legal defence teams. And if you want to say Tehillim, pray that their brains start functioning again.

    • Milhouse

      What difference does it make that they broke the law? And the money he was carrying has been confiscated, so it’s not available to pay lawyers. In any case it was probably borrowed, and not from savory people.

    • awacs

      It’s hard to imagine that they spent/borrowed their last $100k to do one deal. I imagine that, wherever that came from, there is more.

    • Anonymous

      Milhouse: “what diiference does it make that they broke the law?” Oh, only the fact that according to halacha, you are supposed to follow the laws that your city/country puts in place unless they directly contradict torah like “no torah learning.” Where does it say in shulchan orech that it is against halacha to refrain from smoking weed??????

    • awacs

      Oh, only the fact that according to halacha, you are supposed to follow the laws that your city/country puts in place unless they directly contradict torah like “no torah learning.”


    • vote for giulliani

      which of them are from wealthy familes? one is was having parnassa problems. the others dad is a rabbi. who is this third one?

  • Dinah hamachusa

    For those complaining it’s ridicules because it’s going to be legal the fact is right now it is NOT legal. You mess with the law you must pay. If they go to jail the deserve it because of it. That being said I agree it should be legal already no point in not having it legal but the law is the law

    • גבר

      Lol if they drag out the case long enough it may be legal by then and theyll have to drop the whole drug allegations.

  • It should be legal

    I don’t condone breaking the law. I would counsel against it if given the chance. We should all always try to follow the foolish laws– even if we don’t agree with them.
    This should not even be crime.

    It is legal in many states and the federal government has no business telling citizens what to do on issues like this. This country is crazy. Abortion is legal but smoking marijuana is not?

    From other news stories – it appears that they are going to be forced to appear in court on Rosh Hashanah.

  • legal

    This is legal in many countries and states
    You have to find a niche to make money
    it is like selling cigarettes from other countries ( as many bochrim do)


      This should be the comment of the day.

      Basically what ‘legal’ above is saying….
      Argument #1: Since it is legal to smoke in other states and considering that people need to make money, its allowed in states that its illegal. Basically, legal or illegal all depends on how much you need the money.

      (Im not focusing on the fact that hes mistaking smoking on a street corner and selling mass amount… tax evasion etc….)

      Argument #2: it’s like selling other illegal stuff, so no big deal. After all, all the Bochurim sell other legal stuff.

      Wow, what yeshiva did this person study in? What a twisted logic.

      Dear ‘legal’,
      If you ever considered becoming a lawyer, please reconsider.

      I also refer you to the comment i made above regarding those who justify and excuse.
      What illegal activity are you involved in?

  • LA

    Come to California my friends :) and u can open a legit business to sell weed legally.. Sad hope they get off and find another job

  • education fund

    How much will be raised for pidyon shevuim? Our schools are underfunded and can’t raise money. While I don’t want these people chas v’shalom going to jail, I also don’t think that it is good to put money toward their defense, that could be better spent. Nothing in life is easy. If you want to make money, you have to work hard. We need to educate our community to make an honest living and not be involved in scams etc..

  • What are YOU smoking???

    They were caught in the act. They have corrupted young people like #10 says. And you want to set up a defense fund?? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS? I don’t see how the cost of living in CH = pushing drugs; 99% of CH Jews are law abiding despite their financial troubles. I have read some stupid comments before, but these are pashut crazy. How about you taking any “defense fund” $$ & putting it towards a needy child’s tuition? Or donating it to CSSY?

    At least one family has enough money & clout to afford a decent lawyer (although I wouldn’t choose the one they picked.) I am all for pidyan shvuim, I donate nicely to Rubashkin’s appeals, but not when these lowlives drag down our kids. Let them rot (although I would help their families. Not their fault.)

    I wonder what you are all smoking – their weed, perhaps?

  • consequences

    To # 10, I completely agree. Why would anyone feel we should sympathize with these punks?

  • Take some responsibility

    You can’t put all the blame on these guys for the actions of YOUR children. If they’re doing drugs it’s not just because of these guys. Parent up and don’t put the responsibility on our brothers. Your kid is not a victim, wake up. They may be wrong but so is your child and MANY people, in fact all people are making mistakes daily, what makes their sin worse than yours? Your not calling everyone out, well, some people do. But you are not one to judge anyone but yourself.

  • Parenting101

    In the end, these kids are there for each other when others aren’t. For me, they have the last say in what’s right and what’s wrong


    In New York, pot is still illegal.
    I understand that Jews broke the law in Russia and were incarcerated. But there is a difference. In Russia they were in jail because they were upholding the Torah. Here you are put in jail if there is substantial evidence that you broke the law. Mistakes in determining guilt do happen, the system is not perfect. It is best to stay far on the side of legal activity so you do not slip across the line.
    Many Jews can not distinguish between being in jail in Russia, i.e. breaking the law to defend the Torah, and being arrested in New York because they broke the law for personal benefit. They think its OK to break the law. It’s not!

    The Rubashkin PR campaign really twisted people’s value system. In the minds of many, Rubashkin was a victim, committing financial crime was innocent, and the judicial system was guilty. I seriously think that many people are confused after the Rubashkin affair. And they probably think that the community will fork over 50 pounds of hundred dollar bills just like they did for Rubashkin. We see how much it helped him.

    This country has laws. Most of them are legit. Pot feels like it is a grey area because it is legal in some states, but in New York it is not legal. The law enforcement may not be as strict as it used to be, which is why you will smell it was you walk by certain places, but 50 pounds is a lot of pot – it is the amount of the heist that prompted the bust – not the fact that it was Jews.

    • Milhouse

      I understand that Jews broke the law in Russia and were incarcerated. But there is a difference. In Russia they were in jail because they were upholding the Torah.

      Do you think they were all in prison for teaching chadorim and building mikvo’os and making brissen?! Sure, some were, but many others were arrested for black market dealing.

    • correcting milhouse:::

      Dont you think there’s a difference between black market dealings in a stalinist dictatorship and scaming the democratically elected us government


      I agree with Milhouse.

      Many who were arrested for criminal acts, later told their children and grandchildren that it was because of Torah etc…

    • Milhouse

      No, there’s no difference between an elected government and an unelected one. Right remains right and wrong remains wrong, and no government, elected or not, can change them. Just as Congress can’t make robbery right, it can’t make weed wrong; either it was always wrong, or it remains right.

      For those who constantly cry “dina demalchusa”, it applied every bit as much in Russia as it does here. As far as halacha is concerned, the laws of the Czar, Stalin, Hitler, and the US congress all have exactly the same status. And the fact is that our elter-zeides routinely ignored and broke Russian law, both before and after the revolution, and nobody thinks less of them for it.

  • Aron Pinchas

    These men knew the consequences, let them do Tshuvah. No body is perfect but when something like this surfaces, it is a big embarrassment to our community. This should be a lesson to what we need to fix. Jews don’t need to be selling drugs. Period.

  • vosisdus

    This is not a forum for talking negatively about our brothers especially in such a sensitive time. These are the best of people. People who would never hurt a fly, and would take the shirt off their backs for a stranger.
    No one really kows anything so be decent if not respectful with your comments.
    As to you ch mother: dont blame your sons issues on othere people. Look inside before looking outn


      They would take their shirts off their backs to help another?

      How much of the money they made went to help needy families or chesed organization or schools?

      Please share with us this information.

    • the best of people?!?!?!?!

      “the best of people” don’t get involved in business that destroy lives. There is nothing “best” about this. If the story is true, then they are scum, and they deserve everything the law will (and should) throw at them.

  • Garden of Yearning

    Please read what Rebbe Nachman of Breslev has to say about cigarettes, alcohol and light drugs (such as pot) in the Garden of Yearning. It’s the sitra achra. If you say you’re not Breslev, even the Alter Rebbe said that our bodies DO NOT BELONG TO US – not to harm in any way.

  • its illegal in the whole us

    For those of you who don’t pot is illegal in the us it maybe legal in some states but even in those states its illegal according to the goverment and you could get arrested by the feds

  • Comment 34

    You are an angry person and you’re just letting it out on this you have to see a doctor nothing you say makes logical sense . How do you know where they got the money from to bail them out it’s none of your business

  • did you say tznius?

    No fools, tznius did NOT cause any of this. THEY are responsible for what THEY did.How women dress does’t cause bad things to happen. These are grown men who decided to do these things for reasons known to them.stop blaming women already.

  • chaim

    Let them sit no body should give a dime
    I get up every morning go to work dont see my kids to offen and these nut jobs are making money illegal
    There are plenty of ways to make money
    With out doing it against the law

    I will not Give a cent and no one should
    Let them learn the hard way

  • to 63

    You have the right attitude. It is an embarrassment and we don’t want any of this in our community. And yes they need to do teshuvah, bottom line.

  • just curious

    So i was wondering if your kid can be kicked out of yeshiva for not adhering to the tznius rules does that apply as well for parents who are busted for being drug dealers. Just looking to see how far the hypocrisy goes.

    • crown heights resident

      The kids kicked out of Shiva for not being Tzniusdik weren’t dressed properly. The children of drug dealers didn’t sell drugs

  • ANON

    being a VOWS agent (violent offenders warant squad) officer and a mother of 3 kids, i undertand what every one has commentd about but you must remember that people are responsible for their own actions and its up to you to make that decision. at the end of the day these 3 men are suffering there consequence and should deserve a justified sentence just like anyone else,

  • TO # 39 50 52

    Yes true Sept is the 2nd day Rosh Hashana.
    The true yom hadin….

    TO # 64
    It sounds like you don’t have teenage kids that get dragged into these drugs in Yeshivah. Or you have been smoking something as you were posting your comment.
    100% proper for wanting these people/anomals to rot in jail for selling drugs to the next generation of Lubavitch.
    YES we all must feel sorry for the innocent family members that didn’t know what was going on.
    If they did, SHAME on them.

  • To vos is dus

    How can you say these are the best of people.
    They were selling drugs to our youngsters.
    i have seen a number of boys who had nervous breakdowns after smoking pot.
    dont kid yourself these guys are evil. and selfish.

  • TO 86

    As we saw with SMR taking from the feds is priority #1.
    At this point drugs will be the least of his problems.
    He will be prosecuted for welfare/section 8 fraud.

  • yekkishe bekishe

    Is this what you call a Kiddush Shem Chabad?
    אוי למי שגדלם ואוי למי שלמדם תןרה

  • nu

    Marajuana is not as bad for you, not as addictive, not as dangerous socially, as the Vodka you all give your kids at farbrengens!

    Ban alcohol, not marajuana.

    • farshloft

      Pot smokers dont beat their wives and kids.

      How many bachurim are in hospital every Purim? Alcohol can kill you in large quantities. Pot wont.

      Pot is not addictive. Alcohol is.

      Cigarettes kill half a million people a year in USA alone. Pot doesn’t.

      Pot is not a hallucinogen like many believe.

      What goes on at farbrengens is worse. Young people think that drinking Vodka makes you chassidish, that chassidus and mashke are linked. Its a lie. Anyone who says so is naarish. proof is look at a non alcoholic farbrengen and see how many people it draws versus one with booze.


  • Nauseated

    I am completely nauseated over this. A man who has teenagers himself to be in this business??

    What a fool – I guess that’s why he was chosen to join the business. He’s a real fool – not much in the brains dept. I feel bad for his wife who actually is an intelligent woman. Poor thing has to live with this piece of garbage.

  • Shocked by the comments!!

    It’s shocking that as we ALL are about to stand before the true judge, the Master of us all on rosh hashanah we come with all of our transgressions, our sins, our filth and we will beg to be forgiven and be granted a second chance.

    Let us all try and emulate the great Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Bardichev and be dan l’kaf zchus!!

    When the magnifying glass is turned on to us most of us will not measure up.

    There are no prerequisites for the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim. ANY neshama who needs help deserves to be helped!! It is the ultimate mitzvah.

    Kesiva V’chasima Tova. May Hashem have mercy on us all. We desparately need it!


      So how much are you going to give to help these poor little neshomas (souls)?

      Show an example.

  • The problem is

    drugs like Marijuana are dangerous and very addicting. I think they should serve there time in prison to teach our kids what happens when you get involved with illegal drugs.

  • Total Profit: $50,000.00

    The most they were going to get per pound on the street in brooklyn trying to sell that qty. per week would be $3k. If they’re paying $95k for the grass and $5k freight, they will profit $50k between three partners is only $16,600.00 per week EACH in profit. Think about it yidden: they need your ‘pidyon shevuyim’? Are you nuts? What planet are you living on?

  • Anonymous

    These 3 morons need a pidyen shvuim fund to pay for decent lawyers. Let them find the money for the defense somewhere else, don’t come to me for a cent.

    This Albert Dahan, didn’t he defend Solomon Drek (AKA Dwek) in the Deal NJ scam? He sure can pick ’em.

  • have rachmonos ???

    how dare you ” almost’; all the time those who smoked Marajuana !
    graduated to the next drug a short time later . this guys are rotzchim. they have destroyed many homes. lots of tears from parents. wives , and kids , wake up people before its to late! to heal this drug users its in the hundred of thousands of dollares. and then you have to hope they dont overdosed chas vesholom. hashem yerachem

    • Milhouse

      What an ignorant load of garbage. The “gateway drug” canard is just stupid. By the same logic milk is a “gateway drug”, because every drug addict started by drinking milk!

      And it’s impossible to overdose on MJ.

  • elul

    It’s elul, let’s stop judging them and focus on Teshuva. Let’s ask for Moshiach and ALL problems well be solved. I’m not sure that the comments on this post will help them or anyone for that matter.

  • Cholent Mit Kugel

    @#104…puddles of vomit all over CH on Shabbos. Pot doesn’t make a mess. Lots of stresses are relieved if you smoke responsibly…

    • crown heights resident

      Pot ususły 98% of the time causes crown heights teenagers. To go to the next drug until they are using ………..


    it’s not as bad….does that sound like a sound argument to you? if so,quit smoking so much dope.

  • Three Lubavitcher men

    (Disclaimer: even though names were published, i don’t know who these individuals are)

    Just asking:

    What makes one a Lubavitcher?

    Is an uncut beard a requirement?

    How about hiddur in Torah and Mitzvos in general, and specifically Ahavas Yisroel required?

    Is keeping Kosher, Shabbos, or observance of any other mitzvah required?

  • Anonymous

    Just because it is legal in some states does not make it federally legal. Technically if the FBI wanted to arrest someone in Colorado (which marijuana is legal for recreational use), they can.

  • Hashem Yerachem

    Everyone could make a Mistake, this one is a biggy.
    We all ask Hashem to forgive them, after all it is Chodesh Elul and we all need forgiveness and help, at one time or another from the Melech Malchei Hamelochim. The Melech Basodeh and The Melech will help.The irony of the anti-Semitic New York Post that if something happens to a Yid they advertise it and beautify it as though it happens only with us. Please think of what you do before you do it. It is not worth it.
    Let’s all have a Kesiva Vachasima Tova a sweet New Year.

  • Torah

    To all those who thinks its repulsive to enact Pidyon Shivuyim for these individuals, wake up call, your opinion on the matter is irrelevant.

    Since Pidyon Shivuyim applies according to Halochoh your cruel opining, more than anything, calls into question whether you are Jewish. For we know the signs of who is a Jew are: Humble, Merciful and Kind, of which you are none. Furthermore, you show yourselves to subject Halochoh to your own viewpoint.

    When it comes to Dina di’Malchusa Dina:
    This only applies to laws that are not trampled by the general public. One of the best examples of a law that collectively trampled by society is that which forbids the sale and use of the plant in question. While there are not many who are involved in the wholesale purchase of that stuff, this would nonetheless not be included under the umbrella of DDM”D, it being exclusively an extension of the public’s trampling of related laws.

    On a side note: To those (parents especially) who shift the responsibility of “children” buying drugs on these individuals… It is my understanding that they haven’t been in the drug trade, and were only now starting, furthermore, while it is no defense for them, these “children” you refer to are going to look for drugs, dealers are not ‘selling’ the product, they are merely filling orders. No sales pitch encouraging non-users to use, no free samples etc. Your “children’s” seeking it out is either YOUR fault, or the fault of the teachers YOU entrusted them with, for we see so mant other ‘bochurim’ have not gone in search of the same.

    Last but not least, to those who claim that this harmless flower is a “danger” and a threat to the health of individuals who consume it (specifically, other members of our community):
    You are poorly mistaken. Not only is alcohol and cigarettes deadlier than this plant, but so is sugar and caffeine. On the contrary, this plant is known to have more health benefits then risks, and boasts a calming affect, rather than the opposite.
    Furthermore, the illegal supply of this plant has made it possible for countless people suffering from mild to life-threatening ailments to have access to its healing properties, and among those who have used it, many ailments have successfully healed. (Note: Highly revered individuals in the CH community [including one prominent Rabbi and educator] are included in those who have availed themselves to the plant for medical purposes by way of the illegal supply in our community).

    It is also worth mentioning that this flower is an ingredient for the Shemen haMishchoh used in the Beis haMikdosh.

    Regardless of the legal classification of this harmless plant, we can all agree that better it should not be smoked, but rather ingested in a healthier manner (cooked with food, among others).

    Remember, we Yiddin are:
    Baishanim, Rachmanim, Gomlei Chasodim
    Humble, Merciful and Kind!

    Besuros Tovos.


      How much will you be giving to help these guys out?

      What will you sell in order to “save” these guys, will it be your car, your wife’s jewelry, your iphone, tablet etc…etc…?

    • Milhouse

      It is also worth mentioning that this flower is an ingredient for the Shemen haMishchoh used in the Beis haMikdosh.

      There is no evidence at all for this fantasy.

  • To # 111"nauseated

    You don’t sound like such a prize yourself. Don’t look so much at someone else , just worry about your own lack of seichel and garbage.


    to 112-the ultimate mitzvah is pidyun shvuyim for a drug dealer? uch un vay! Do you know any one who’s lives have been destroyed by drug use(by either themselves or a family member)? believe me,helping THEM is the ultimate mitzvah.

  • Sickened

    Sadly this is just as bad as the pedophiles in our midst and should be condemned to the highest degree. Ultimately it reaches our young people and yes it may not be an addictive substance but has definitely led to the usage of other substance.

    Interesting to me when Rabbi YY came out blasting the protecting the pedophiles and how they should be exposed. I would assume he would do the same now and come out condemning the dealers/pushers. Or maybe in this case he won’t since when it’s your own blood it’s different.

    Bottom line is a community is about protecting the youth and our future generations. If we don’t stand up who will.

  • Puzzled

    Where in the NY Post article does it say that there was any intent to sell weed to minors? I don’t understand how they can be so harshly condemned for an assumption that may or may not be correct. Yes, allegedly they broke the law, but the charges do not include with intent to sell to minors. Perhaps their plan was to distribute the weed 100% outside the shachuna all together. The point is that we do not know, so why ASSUME the worst, and then HARSHLY CONDEMN them based on that ASSUMPTION? It’s chodesh Elul; we should be judging are fellow Yiddin l’chaf zchus, and certainly not writing the opposite for public consumption on the internet!!

    • Correction

      It does not mention the CORRECT ages of all 3 men in the NY Post.

      Knowing their ACTUAL ages, it’s not hard to see that they would naturally be selling to minors…

    • Actual ages, please

      “Correction” says the NY Post article doesn’t list their “CORRECT ages”.

      So, please tell us the actual ages of the three men.


    to millhouse-don’t drink the pro marijuana cool aide. anyone involved with helping drug addicts will tell you that marijuana is most definitely a gateway drug.

    • Milhouse

      The whole concept of “gateway drug” is a paranoid fantasy worthy of that notorious propaganada piece Reefer Madness. That so many people will tell you it’s true is not evidence of anything; it just speaks to their own gullibility.

      The exact same theory was used 100 years ago against cigarettes, which were supposedly the gateway to a life of crime and degradation. It was a stupid myth then and it’s a stupid myth now.

    • K

      I am the last person to defend Milhouse but studies have debunked the theory of it being a gateway drug.

      Factually, in countries where it is legal for many years (e.g. Holland), there was no increase user of hard drugs.

      The only real problem with it is that it is illegal, thus leading to interaction with unsavoury sellers (which exposes the buyer to potential danger and other problems).

      A secondary problem vs. alcohol is using on shabbos.

      A residual problem is the high cost of on-going indulgence which can drain a user’s budget.

      Most issues stem directly from the illegality of the natural substance.

    • Let the author speak.

      a person will usually not jump to a hard drug from nothing but after being introduced to mj he may feel that drugs in general aren’t so bad. statistics aside its logically a gateway drug. maybe if it was legal then people would feel that its different and not jump to harder drugs.

    • K

      awacs wrote:

      K and Milhouse agreeing = Moshiach tzeiten?

      No, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • mendy cohen

    this case is a perfect example of why you have to go to someone you can trust and rely on to buy your Daled Miniem before sukkos!!!

  • Enough already!

    some of the comments here are totally disgusting
    for starters these 3 animals should be immediately be told to find another city/ neighborhood to live!! there is no excuse for buying selling drugs! while everyone is entitled to a lawyer legal defense not one penny should come from anyone’s pocket other then there’s & Tamir for starters should not be a defense lawyer in this case nor should anyone from tHe Jccc be involved but we know factual that since they are big shots other big shots politicians etc. will stand by them give them money etc. but these same bigshots morons etc. refuse to lift a finger to help save Jewish child’s life including members of the father’s own family The father’s crime? choosing to remarry & live in Eretz Yisroel away from the rest of his family & at the same time these same morons support the mother who abused the child & not only support her but are pushing for her early release & for a permanent lifting of an order of protection which prohibits her from contacting him of which she knowingly already violated with no consequences with help from these same morons including Higher ups in The CHJCC/Vaad Hakahal Great Job in protecting real criminals & not helping those who truly need the help despite statements to the contrary including helping to ensure sky high unaffordable rents the total opposite of what the Rebbe wanted!

  • ABI They didnt go to college and earn a job

    Its not their fault, its the governments fault. They cant get a job on the books because they’d lose their section eight. a vicious cycle of doom.

    • We caused this

      I really hope that was sarcasm. If not, your comment is a side reflection of a tragic reality where Section 8 and welfare is seen as the norm.

  • Anonymous

    WE as fellow LUbavitchers ARe mechuyuv to help these kids out….and send them for Therapy. Good Luck!


      We will follow your lead.

      What are YOU going to do to help them?

      Oh wait, when you said ‘WE’ you meant that someone else should do it.

    • crown heights resident

      We have to teach our teenagers that if you can’t do the time they shouldn’t do the crime

  • teach them a lesson

    it doesn’t matter you’re Jewish Christian African American or any kind of religious thing th ey belong in jail because what they did was wrong unacceptable you’re right you’re supposed to care about each other that is important but this whole thing what they did was really bad and very stupid

  • Ami

    Sad to say but it is good that dealers are stopped
    From destroying lives both in supplying drugs and in
    Using drugs. Let the law take its course

  • We caused this

    Rabbi Yehuda says whoever does not teach his son a profession teaches him to become a criminal (he will end up stealing because he will have no other way of earning a living: Rashi).

    So long as parents and schools keep turning out kids with no ability to perform an honest day’s work to earn a living, we’ll see more of this, welfare fraud, tax evasion, etc.

  • Best thing ever they were cought!!

    Now let our stupid teenagers see what happens when u break the law!

    Now let our stupid teenagers see that the only way to earn money is thru HARD WORK!

    Now let our stupid teenagers learn that they must say “NO” to drugs !

    Now let our stupid teenager see that ‘ every dog has their day’ and that they WILL get cought!

    Now let our stupid teenagers realize that money ISNT the most important thing- some WILL have more then others – Hashem chooses who and ‘BE HAPPY with ur lot’ !!!

    • K

      They weren’t “cought”, nor were they “cot”. They weren’t “”kawt’ or “kehot”. But they were caught.

      “Now let our stupid teenagers see” that we all need a secular edjication.


    to 172-yes,most who dabble in marijuana use will not go on to be drug addicts but what do you think those who do start with? also marijuana in of itself can be addictive and destructive. I’ve seen it destroy marriages.

  • Milhouse should be banned from commenting

    And no. This is not a democracy. When you spew rhetoric your ‘freedom of speech’ should be revoked.

  • avromel

    This is another sign that CH needs to provide vocational training and a more functional approach to secular studies in general. The whole neighborhood of CH needs to do a real din v’cheshbon. The batei znus do exist. The high stakes poker games exist, where cars and houses are exchanged, fortunes change hands! Lubavitch brings so many people to Yiddishkiet, but there is no job placement assistance at all. Come to our yeshiva, pay your tuition, and leave w/ what skill set? We need to learn derech eretz in yeshivas. We need the Torah of u’blechtecha baderech so desperately. These men are in serious trouble and probably will sit for 5 yrs. It needs to be adjurned until after R”H, as they will need to sign court paperwork.
    These men were probably at one point intelligent people who got desperate and without a living Rebbe to face and no mashpiim involved enough to guide them, made a move that has serious consequences. My heart goes out to their families. Ein dan yechidi elah Echad. K’siva v’chasima tova l’shana tova um’suka l’kulam

  • To "Millhouse should be banned"

    Are you serious or joking? If “spewing rhetoric” should be banned the website might as well shut down their comments, ’cause that’s pretty much what most people do in their comments, spew rhetoric, including yourself! Milhouse is someone who always has something intelligent, interesting and worthwhile to say. You may agree or disagree with him but he adds value to this website and its readers, while you my friend do not.

  • Take some responsibility!

    So after reading all the comments, I find it’s very sad that people are blaming the government for these grown men’s actions. Be thankful that we live in a country that allows freedom of religion, and supports Israel the way the US does. If frum schools would focus a little more on providing a secular education to all children and teach them about how to provide in the “outside” world, then it wouldn’t be a normal thing to apply for welfare and section 8 once a couple gets married. If you have a good job, you will make enough money to pay for your full rent without the help from the government. These programs were made for people who have economic hardships, single parents who need an extra boost until on they are on their feet, elderly and veterans who served this country by fighting in wars so we could have all the freedoms thatwe have today. These grown men need to own up and take responsibility without the “community” paying for anything for them. They put themselves in this mess, broke the law, they should answer to the authorities and deserve whatever jail time given to them. This happens way too often in our communities and worse, and needs to be stopped, not hushed up or covered up.