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Florida Seminary Girls to Study ‘Hemshech Ayin Beis’

by Reuven Arazi

Students of the Chaya Aydel Seminary in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The Chaya Aydel Seminary in Hallandale Beach, Florida, has added to their curriculum the study of the renowned Hemshech Ayin Beis, the lengthy series of discourses from the Rebbe Rashab. This past Shavuos marked the 100th anniversary since this “Wondrous and Profound” series of Maamorim began in the town of Lubavitch in 5672 (1912).

Rabbi Yossy Lebovics, Principal of the Seminary since its inception in 2002, announced that “when it comes to Pnimiyus HaTorah, girls and women have the same obligation as boys and men to study these subjects which pertain to the love and fear of Hashem,” as was emphasized by the Rebbe and the Frierdiker Rebbe.

“No doubt, when Chassidim around the world have shown a tremendous interest, in light of the 100th anniversary, to study Ayin Beis – it goes without saying that Seminary girls should take a lead role in studying Ayin Beis, and in sharing the incredible insights they learn with friends, family and community members,” the third generation Educator-par-excellence remarked.

Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, dean of the Chaya Aydel Seminary and executive vice president of Chabad of South Broward, points out that three Shiurim of Ayin Beis will be given to the Florida Seminary students before the end of the current School Year. In the upcoming Seminary Year, Ayin Beis will be studied for forty five minutes each week, as an additional class in the curriculum of Chassidus.

According to Rabbi Tennenhaus, ”for the past ten years I have noticed how Seminary students who have studied Chassidus for years comprehend the deepest subjects of Chassidus, and in many ways their perception of G-dliness is far more refined and advanced than even the perception of many modern-day authors of Seforim, who regrettably, for whatever reason, have not been fortunate (as of yet) to study Chabad Chassidus.

Surely young women studying Ayin Beis will be another rung in Hafotzas HaMayonos, and this will both trickle in to the greater Jewish Community, as well as hasten the revelation of Moshiach.”


  • 3. chaim wrote:

    what a joke! and i am assuming the other 45 minutes theyre learning ritva and the avnei nezer.

    the world and values are upside down

  • 4. posting pics of sem girls? wrote:

    wonderful, so now all a bachur has to do is look at the picture and find out which girl he is interested in…

  • 5. wrong focus wrote:

    Gimme a break – Ayin Beis? Let them teach cooking or sewing.

    Today’s women run off to a Shiur neglecting their precious job of motherhood because they are led to believe that Limud Hatorah is their ultimate level of fulfillment (it is for the husband but not for the wife).

    I would love to find the Lubavitcher seminary that instead of emphasizing learning, manages to instill in their students the pride of being a mother so that when the time comes they will know that they are doing the most important job in the world and thus feel good about devoting all her time and effort towards being a mother.

  • 6. HU? wrote:

    Is this for real?
    Is this a news item or an advertisement?
    On another hand I would rather see it written “Seminary Girls leaning to cook – or learn how to raise a family / children etc.

  • 12. La-aniyas Dayti @ gmail wrote:

    The intellectual depth of the comments posted here from the girls, speak for themselves.

    They have a shaychus to Ayin Beis like a tzig to shalosh-seudos.

    Who will be interested in “bochurettes” for a shidduch? And that is assuming that a serious number do not fall off the high perch, and out of the Derech Chassiduss Chabad (as in the Kingston “street walking” scene.)

    Most importantly: This digs deep into a central issue in Lubavitch today. The setting (and cementing) of unrealistic goals, and shallow as narrow hashkofois.
    [“Do you believe?”
    “Yes, ah does believe.”
    “You show you believe?”
    “Yes, ah certain ah truly be’in beleivin in da whole thing. Ah certain about whats comin, as ah certain about what did happen.”]

    And everyone is scratching their heads “What is wrong with the youngsters?” The answer: they are too bright to maintain a long lasting focus on the menu presented.

  • 13. Shoshi wrote:

    To 1:
    Need not to be so cynical..we’re getting closer to the times of Moshiach..when “nekeva tesovev gaver” will truly actualize. This is only a taste of it :-)
    Hatzlacha Raba!

  • 15. Lubavitch bochur wrote:

    Wow! Now I can pick one of these for my shidduch!! So impressed with them learning eiyin beis!!!

  • 17. Ayin Beis? wrote:

    For starters, the school would do good if it followed the proper chasidishe protocol of not posting pictures of women.

  • 18. Modern Mom wrote:

    In today’s world smart girls learn chassidus. Those that want a chief cook and bottle washer instead of an equal partner in life are very out of touch. I hope my son marries a sem girl that learns like these girls.

  • 19. Zaide wrote:

    Just a big yetzer hora. Another shtus to make sure they don’t learn Nun Aleph- Nun Bais of the Rebbe MHM. They are so against and afraid of Geulah and Moshiach that the Chabad yeshivah world is caught up in this Avadah Zorah mammash. You young yeshivah students should ignore this shtus to distract you from the Emmess of Geulah and Moshiach as we learned from MHM.

  • 20. To #6 wrote:

    It’s ok to post pics of Sem girls, just like it’s ok to post photos of Zal Bochurim.. Either way, everybody’s happy =)

  • 21. To # 17 wrote:

    WOW! so now that they’re learning Ayin Bais you can pick one for a shidduch. What if it was Ayin Gimmel, you wouldn’t be able to choose??!!??

  • 26. Dreamer wrote:

    They would do much better giving the girls intensive study and practical social role-modelling, on how to be a bas-yisrael who cheerishes her husband. That would also create positive incentive for bochurim to strive for “cherishability” by the noblest bnos-melech.

  • 27. LaAniyas Dayti wrote:

    To Modern Mom [#18]

    Has it not occurred to you that the spreading of the attitude you articulate is correlated to the divorce rate?

    Men just simply have different ego needs. This is not good. Nor is it bad. It just is. To ignore this is to do (psychologically) to the male gender what the Chinese did for centuries to the girl’s feet, or what the church choirs did to preserve the exquisite voices of the best of their young boys.

    Girls in Modern Orthodox and beyond, are simply being set up by their respective social structures for a life on the Upper West Side. Good careers, excellent skills, but not a knight in sight.

    The President of Singapore, years ago, just after the whipping of an American boy there, for painting graffiti, was being baited by the liberal press. So they asked about the opportunities for women in this whip-lashing country. He said they are fine, many go to university, a large number rise very high in the corporate and/or professional circles. “But”, he added, “we have trouble finding men who want to marry such women.”

    For the uninformed: Nekeva tesovev gever does not fit them with Rabbenu Tam’s tefillin. The roles will remain different (as will the basic facts of human nature as endowed to us by the Creator). There will be a heightened recognition of the power of the bottle-washing, pamper-changing,kugel maker and cake baker.

  • 28. anonim wrote:

    You can learn to cook yourself. I’m male and I did. You can also learn to cook from your mother or grandmother.

    That is not what sem is about, and if it is, yeshivas should teach bochurim how to handle home and car repairs.

    The sems that are really teaching girls are preparing the next generation of teachers and shluchos who will really be able to answer questions.

  • 31. Modern Mom answers wrote:

    #24 I respect your views, but wish as you might, we don’t live in a shtetl anymore. Bright young women learn chasidus today. My daughter would have loved to learn MORE of all Torah topics. Do we want girls seeking outside intellectual stimulation, because we don’t give kosher? #29 How do you know what my son wants? Why would he not want a well educated sem girls that can learn, engage him intellectually, train their children and be able to teach other Yidden? Isn’t that the description of a great Shlucha?

  • 32. Esty B wrote:

    Careful not to assume everyone wants the same thing in a match. Some young men might like a wife who studies and has a strong spiritual side. And, don’t assume that a girl interested in learning automatically can’t be a good wife, mother and housekeeper…every is different.

  • 33. Rebbitzin Mushka Yenta wrote:

    Mamash a stunning!!!! Oyy!!

    Ruchel breindel!! I’m mamash proud of u!! Shepping nachas all the from Eretz yisroel!!!
    All of you maidelech deserve a chassidishe bocher!! Hemshech ayin beis…Mamash stunning to learn it!!!!!!

    Moshiach now!!!! Right now!!


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