‘Rebbe’ Author Speaks at Berlin Jewish Museum

In commemoration of Rebbe’s 20th Yahrtzeit, the Jewish Museum of Berlin, in cooperation with the city’s Chabad Jewish Educational Center, hosted an evening of inspiration with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of a biography on the Rebbe that has joined the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Rabbi Telushkin, who was in Germany for the first time, spoke about the transformation of modern Jewish Life by the Rebbe.

More than 300 people showed up to listen to him speak about Rebbe’s vision, character and attributes.

Rabbi Telushkin explained why he spent 5 years of his life to study life of someone else – “to learn from him! The Rebbe showed us what is the true meaning of love between people, how positive thought and speech affect us every day, and how important it is never to put off until tomorrow what you can do now; right now,” he said.

After sharing some personal stories related to Rebbe, Rabbi Telushkin took some time to speak to those present, many of whom approached him to sign his new biography on the Rebbe. Although the book was only published recently and has not yet been translated to German, the entire stock was sold out.

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One Comment

  • YMSP

    Telushkin is a nice guy and I’m glad that the Rebbe affected him and that he wrote his book – and I hope that it somehow brings people closer to Torah. But how is it right to trumpet him all over as a “rabbi” without a disclaimer that he’s the rabbi of a reform/conservative congregation “The Synagogue for the Performing Arts – LA’s Original Entertainment Industry Synagogue.” They have “music filled” Friday night services and the Cantor is Judy Fox.

    A simple wilkipedia read confirms this.

    Chabad is not anything and everything. It has principles. There was a very good refeorm rabbi who was very fond of the Rebbe and whose articles were printed in the lChaim – with a clear disclaimer that he was a reform rabbi.