Paula Abdul Pitches Synagogue Building Campaign

International celebrity Paula Abdul arrived with her spiritual mentor, Rabbi Chaim Mentz, Shliach to Bel Air, CA, in Sydney Australia, where she appeared in front of sell-out crowds at two events.

Brought down to Australia by Shliach Rabbi Aron Moss, Paula and her rabbi raised thousands of dollars towards the building campaign for the Nefesh Center, the fastest growing synagogue in Sydney, Australia.

The first event was at the Moriah College auditorium, where 600 locals listened to a wonderful conversation between Rabbi Moss and his special guests.

After the huge success at Moriah, a private upscale party was arranged for the local donors and community leaders, where Paula Abdul and Rabbi Mentz pitched the importance of raising funds for the expansion of the center.

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  • Rachel from Sydney

    I was at the event and Paula inspired me with her story, and closeness to her rabbi and Chabad. A true Kiddush Hashem.

  • Spokesperson for Lubavitch

    Not many stars go out of their way publically to speak up for Lubavitch or Judaism. This is very refreshing to see.