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Ambassador: Kiev Attack Not Necessarily Anti-Semitic


Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel

Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel visited the Kiev hospital where 25-year-old yeshiva student Aharon Alexander Gorshonov has been hospitalized in critical condition.

He has been in hospital since Friday night, when he was assaulted in what some are saying was an anti-Semitic attack as he left a local synagogue on the Passover holiday.

The ambassador asked that people not rush to conclusions over the motive of the attack and added that he had spoken with the victim’s mother, Natalya: “She is weeping and is extremely concerned. I tried to calm her down as much as I could and told her we would help in any way she needs.”

“Aharon’s condition is grave, he is unconscious as a result of the beating he received,” the ambassador told Ynet. The ambassador noted that until the police investigation is concluded, there is no way to determine that the incident was motivated by racial hate and anti-Semitism.

“The incident was immediately interpreted as an anti-Semitic act, and that is the most accepted explanation, but after hearing all the details – with honesty and complete objectivity – there may be many explanations behind this (attack).”

The ambassador stressed that should it become clear that the incident was racially motivated he will act in every way possible to make sure incidents like this one do not repeat themselves.

“The only thing I can say is that police must investigate and will do so in response to our personal and official requests. I think we can ensure the swiftness and integrity of the investigation. Things cannot be swept under the table. I will do everything in my ability to bring the responsible to justice.”

The local Jewish community had claimed earlier that the assault was racially motivated, but according to Yaakov Zilberman, director of the Jewish community in Kiev, the police are reluctant to investigate the crime as an anti-Semitic one are trying to cover it up.

Kiev Rabbi Moshe Asman told Ynet that, “We will not rest until the assailants are found and brought to justice.”

The Jewish community in Kiev has reportedly alerted authorities to a group of skinheads that have made threats against its members.


  • 1. Reb Yaakov wrote:

    What irresponsible comments by the Israeli ambassador?! Saying that anti-Semitism is a “sexy” excuse for such a vicious crime, shows that he is completely ignorant of reality in Ukraine. He should be sanctioned and recalled for speculating on something that wasn’t his business in the first place.

  • 2. call a duck a duck wrote:

    we had a guest at our seder who originated from kiev- she said that the kgb just changed their name and anti-semitism is just as strong there as it used to be! she said there is a reason professionals took a drastic drop in pay to come to this country and it wasn’t the american flag…..

  • 3. to #2 and to reviewer wrote: ur languege
    2. who is lettin such languge on?


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